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Latest update is over 50Mb. Why so greedy? Previous rendition worked fine, but it's no longer an option. Mandatory space sucker if you wish to keep using it. Huge fail. Worth it!

Apps better if you don't want to be stuck on the phone for hours talking to Verizon. Couple things I don't like you can't find everything you need or it's just difficult to find, the app.sometimes doesn't update your account when it should have been. But other then those and etc. This app is good, I would highly recommend to friends and family Superb!

Kind of disappointed in no data widget. I know it was mostly wrong, but it was still a good reference. Other than that the app is functional but useful at times. Perfect

I like paying my bill through the app & seeing my bill. I like shopping through the app & looking @ the rewards you can get. Pretty good

Force-installed on Verizon phones, and can't be disabled for very obvious reasons. This is mainly for the Verizon plan owner. As someone on someone else's plan, this is useless to me. Though, seeing others use it, it seems very handy. Cool

Another app forcing us to see advertising before switching to the app data. Want to return to the old app. But, they have you over a barrel. You have no option not to install the update. Just wow

UPDATE:. It's working now. An update button appeared. Thanks, Verizon gods??:::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: not working on Moto E4 Plus. Brings me to Google Play page and not able to uninstall and reinstall. OPEN app brings to UPDATE link. UPDATE link brings me to OPEN app. Typically this app worked fine on my last phone but I just bought this one and it's not working. All other apps work fine. Cool

Im trying to upgrade my phone on the app with the new update and every single time I try to look at a phone it closes the app entirely. Every time, and its starting to get annoying. Please fix love it

I would give it a 5 if it actually showed my data usage on the widget instead of having to open the app and check Fabulous!

I have been with Verizon since 1997 and before y'all because Verizon, I think Singulair or something like that with those huge bag phones Recommend

All I use it for is to check my data usage and when my cycle renews. Everytime there's an update it forgets my account information. "Remember me" is useless when there are updates more often than i sign on. And it's always pushing some "deal" or "offer" but in true Verizon fashion it's always a downgrade for more money. I just want to be able to monitor my data usage. I've perused the app. There's nothing else there that interests me. Ignoring the annoying parts, the app is ok. Must have

New update is not as good looking as it used to be. Older version was better more aesthetically pleasing love it

Verizon does what it says, most of the time. Meaning the app! Works great! Awesome tech support! Enjoy it!

I can't find anything I like about the new look. Can you give us the option to revert back to the prior version? I have to log in EVERY TIME! Remember me is broken obviously. Just scrap this version. VERY UGLY AND TOO BRIGHT! Update... I stay logged on now. Still too bright and ugly. wow lol

Took a perfectly good app and made it more cumbersome, along with less features. Would uninstall update, but may as well get used to it because you'll probably be updating this new one a lot. Well done!!

As a lifetime customer they have done an excellent job trying to keep my business. Sometimes a mistake is made, but they fix it and we move forward. Great companies take care of their customers showing how much they care about you, when they fix it and move forward, like a friend would do. Amazing!

Why can't I still use automated.system? I don't need another app. Annoying to have to go through setup and login process. Otherwise, easy to use once setup. Amazing!

In the past when I try to make a payment direct from email notification I would get a message that stated my card needed to be updated even though it accepted my payment. That peculiarity seems to have disappeared . Will see and up to five stars Must have

Some functions freq do not work. Have experienced diff making pymts, using P2P, and adding new forms of pymt. Easier using laptop. Been with VZ over 20 yrs. *Customer Svc has been great & one of main reasons I have stayed. Not bad

Good when it functions properly. Can struggle sometimes and it has crashed a few times. Though I tend to only use it to pay my bill and check my data for the cycle, so for me it's great! wow lol

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