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I think it's the best dog game in the world even better than Boo the world's cutest dog Great!

Too much money because I don't have that much money and my parents won't let me get it Omg

This is a nice game but we cannot choose another puppy and we can't unlock the levels if we want to unlock we have to see 15 adds so please please please make it but all puppies are so so so cute so I love it it's nice game but please make it Flawless

I love it but you're locking idea is not so good but it I love the game and I enjoy also and your that White and Brown puppies so good I love it Omg

This game is AMAZING because you get to compete against other dogs and it is so fun! Pretty good

My grandoughter loves this game, she gets me playing it every time she comes to stay. Fabulous!

خیلی باحاله ولی چرا چیزیش باز نمی شه Cool

It's a really good game I like that you can get some stuff by just watching videos you don't have to pay money for it and I love puppies it's a good game for me and I think it's worth 5 star Must have

Wonderful game I love it but the game graphics is not good and please give me feedback Highly Recommend.

it's a good game but the controls should be improved and the game is kind of boring Great job

This game is awsomeee ...the puppies are so cuteeee.. the race ,the dresses they are pretty ..please like this more games Recommend

I love the game but you have to buy clothes the judges what for your dog but I love it. Muito bom!

It's OK but it is hanging and no fun to play this the man is always giving suggestions to us do not download it, it is very boring.... Surprisingly

I love this game but I saw 12 videos but it showed 9 that is only one problem living it all is perfect wow lol

Oi Who hate it make a star like this Works great

خیلی دوست داشتم ممنون فروشگاه و تشکر از سازنده Perfect

Cute and very nice game in world i have played. Thanks for sharing this game. Great!

I love pet games. This game has made me feel very happy! It's so cute & funny! Great!

The first thing is I loved the puppies they a very cuuuuute Recommend


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