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Make more of these I'm a verry tall person could you make an app for that please do Surprisingly

Because I want this game because e want to be a famous girl in this game and have a beautiful fashion designer wow lol

Wonderful gameplay................... For a Fan of like this game will feel it awesome Recommend

It's ok,but I think you can add some other options and this game is extremely short Works perfectly

Good game but very short. Nice game but few unlock. I THINK IT IS NOT BAD FOR ME! Good

Just really fun to play with friends and family and I just fell in love with this game instantly and I just love it Enjoy it!

I think that the game was to short there were alot of things that were locked in it so we were not free to play. Fabulous!

not bad.... why is the game so short I probably finished it in 5 mins.... and while the laundry, when the girl bend it was too creepy.... need to work on grapics... no offence.... not a bad game tho.... Fabulous!

Its Awesome Now i can feel what my friends telling us that being small is hard ☺ Perfect

Bestttttttttttttt (infinite)♥♥♥♥♥ Please make these kinds of games it's so nice... now I can understand what a petite girl feels... Thanks!★★Good job Worth a go!

عالی فروشگاه فقط مراحل کمی دارد. گوشی شما ها خراب حجم خیلی کمی میگیرد گوشی توپر از بازی خارج نمی شود گوشی تو خراب نونوراا به نظر من هرکی دان نکنه خر فروشگاه ٢ شو هم بزار Worth it!

ازت شکایت میکنم خخخخخخخ من.خرم م رسی Muito bom!

Gleny Alachan I love this game you should try it. PS IF YOU LIKE MY WORLD P A GOOD LIKE Highly Recommend.

Not enough Its okay but add more too it please if you Don,t I will uninstall and uninstall all from this network!#!!! Highly Recommend.

The best game I have This game is a ....... I don't even know what to say it is so good and it's my first time playing it make more games as good as that and you're see Worth it!

Good game Hey,my name is Twisha. This game is good but not too interesting. I would give this game 3 stars ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ Pretty good

Wow This game is so me I'm very petatite some people think I'm in 2nd grade but I'm in 4th grade! Well done!!

Cool I'm a petite girl so this game is a lot like me but I was bullied for my size and now stand up for my self Well done!!

Ok It's ok but seriously you could include a bit more content! Fantastic

☺ liked this game but seriously am nt petite actually am tall for m age am in 6th grad Perfect!

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