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App can never find my location. I've read the reviews, seems to be a big problem with the app but nothing is being done about it. No other app of mine has this problem, just this app. They blame Google and location services, but it's only in this app. Fantastic

I find that the only way that I can locate passport campgrounds in the location I'm seeking, is to use the route menu. It would be most helpful to be able to start with a location and have it display everything nearby on a map. Fabulous!

Easy to navigate. Helps find and check information of the participating campgrounds. Very useful. Definitely a keeper. Amazing!

Great app! Has made our travels much more enjoyable and stress free. As FT RV'ers this app is a must. Helped us save hundreds and the only improvement I could suggest would be an offline directory. Surprisingly

Great app. My wife and I can compare prices among campgrounds and find our next destination quickly! Marvelous

I like the flexibility it gives us by being able to enter our route and find parks along the way! Marvelous

Need to show only those rv c.g. that are seasonally active for discounts. Trying to find a cg is now awkward when all c.g. are listed but only a few are qualified due to seasonal demand. Like the trip routing. Muito bom!

Trip planning is pretty lame. It probably would be okay if you travel exclusively on interstate highways. Even putting several stops along highways I want to stay on, the app will route me to the stops and then back to interstates. I do my best to avoid interstates. Just wow

The app is a convenient way to locate participating parks. It would be improved if we could download the source information for offline use when we don't have a good connection. Recommend

I would appreciate parks that are available in the winter in North East and the distance in miles between places. Otherwise I like your new design . I am a lifetime member of Passport America thanks! 5 star

Easy to use. Trip routing my favourite feature but not sure if routes given are specific to large vehicles or all traffic. No doubt I will find out!! Passport America answered my query. Their customer service is second to none and being a member of passport America is so economically sound. Have "played" with app quite a bit and it's excellent. In all ways, thank you passport america Perfect!

Easy to use. Trip routing my favourite feature but not sure if routes given are specific to large vehicles or all traffic. No doubt I will find out!! Recommend

I liked it because it allows you to quickly search the PA campgrounds. Love the mapping. But I don't see where discount restrictions are shown. I suppose I would need to jump to the CG website and fumble around to see if the discount is honored for the day's I am interested in. I was expecting to see all the info available in the PA catalog. Cool

Better interface than before. I still think the Parks Near Me feature is a bit cludgy. However, the park search feature works well. Worth it!

I needed to reinstall this app as there appeared to be some kind of disconnect with location services. Well, second time was the charm. I have changed my mind here because I think it quite an improvement on the older version. The layout is much more attractive and intuitive with more useful information. I particularly liked the trip planner. Previously I'd need to save favorites on a state to state basis however now it's a one click deal. Good job guys! Perfect

Originally rated it lower. Problem explained and resolved. (User - me - didn't know how to) Thanks! Fantastic

We are life members and it has saved us tons of money over the years of camping. What's not to like about half price. Fabulous!

Love this app! We just started traveling in our 5th wheel and this app has helped us to save money and time! This app is a must-have for all Passport America members! Surprisingly

I love the App. Only correction should be the map has a glitch finding your location! Otherwise great App... Perfect!

Planned trip, stated there were no PA parks on route. We're going to be staying at 3 PA parks on the rte. Must have

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