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I love this app It works so good i love that you can change the color of the date, time, and your name. Not bad

Love it the only thing is it let you go into the phone anyway. Still love it though! Highly Recommend.

Beautiful app it's so nice the other ones had errors like it needs to shut down and I don't want something to happen and I can't get into my Samsung tablet again,beautiful app ☆☆☆☆☆ love it

It is Great! Now my little brother can't get into my tablet. And if I loose it they know who to return it to. Recommend

Works well but it needs an option to buy to remove ads, especially the self-playing videos. Extremely annoying. Only works in portrait mode. Does not work to select your own photos from some devices. Brilliant

it won't let me set my own background it keeps putting a white screen with my name Enjoy it!

I have to ask why is it call my name lock screen but it doesnt have my or your picture in it Just wow

It is useful I love it,it lets u do lots of things it is so so so soooo.....AWESOME u should try it I suggest u to use this and not anything else I'm dead serious love it

GREAT APP & I really like it but sumtimes my phone doesnt work!!!& even i apply this,i cant show most of looks like "islaw"PLEASE FIX.. Worth it!

its amazing but when i open my phone it doesn't appears only after ten seconds when i open my phone thats so anoying can you fix this please because i love it Amazing!

Well, it's kinda Nice though not so much but it is nice . Go guise try this app . You will never regret Marvelous

I like it very much , it's awesome but I keep having to put my photo alot of time , because for some reason it disappears, I would still recommend it 98% Brilliant

I like this app so much!Its cooland beautiful i gave it a 4 out of 5 because u cant put a picture of yourself but other than that this app is awsome u should get it and put a lock and moving things and your name and change color of things! Works great

I'm setting this app up on my daughters phone and the picture will not work please can you fix this issue because my daughter is now sure depressed!! Omg

Its okay but when I turn off my cp and open it the lock didn't work but when I got to app it works again lol sorry for the wrong grammar love it

Its OK I guess but I have to constantly open the app for the screen lock to actually work it's frustrating but apart from that its kl Muito bom!

Wow Try it its the bes thing ever some might disagree but your password can be any thing name pattern number date of birth any thing just download the look screen called my name lock screen Surprisingly

This is one of the best lock screen saver apps I have used yet! Simply the best one out there. Very easy to use. Just wow

its Ok but when i closed my phone and it takes too long until i open it this lockscreen is not visible anymore i need to get it back and its so ANNOYING Superb!

Incredible This app is awesome but sometimes it doesn't lock its self please fix it but I still love it Awesome

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