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I love the game and all, but it says I'm offline even tho I'm connected to the Internet. Help? love it

I love the game sure buy there are TOO MANY ADS. If u could fix this problem i would REALLY enjoy playing it. Brilliant

I really like the whole collecting concept but I want to be able to sell all my stickers. ITS SOOOO ANNOYIN Perfect

For some reason I'm stuck on offline mode even with Wi-Fi and data? So I can't even trade stickers and my friend dosent have this problem... I don't have the slightest clue as to what is wrong HELP Fantastic

I mean its OK, but I don't really see the point of this game. It just takes up space so you can look at pictures? I really just don't see the appeal. Recommend

This is a great app i like to trade stickers with my friends but i wish they added more stickers Fantastic

I love all the album games! The more the merrier! I'm so greedy I have at least 4 album games downloaded atm. And the more you make the more I'll play. The more content the longer I'll keep them. Thank you very much. Tapps is probably the very best game developer on the app store altogether. I've never come across a game I didnt like. Recommend

LOVE IT YASSSS!!!!!! CAN U MAKE A my food sticker book plzzzz ill rate you✡✡✡✡✡ or if u dont take this advise you only get✡star!!!!! Muito bom!

The stickers are adorable and the kids and I love it but we already got all the stickers twice. Please add more stickers. Worth a go!

I think this game is super fun for people who are pationt because you do need to wait a liitle bit so you can get your stickers but besides that the game is super fun!!!!!!! Omg

It was fun but... I finished it and nothing happened after that I want it to continue its a cool game Highly Recommend.

fun This app is so fun because you can trade with friends and collect your favorite monsters Amazing!

Cool dudes! XD... You guys are awesome you guys.... PLZ WRITE BACK! please put some more spooks in the game! Please? That's my only question and guys your cool! Not bad

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