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Ok Ok i love the coconut toss,BUT I CAN NOT TAKE A VIDEO. I can not. Please fix. Oh also i can not contact in into the real workd plz fix this to. Awesome

So much better than Juice Jam So much Better than Juice jam!! !! This game is much funnier!! He burps when you touch his belly and farts when you touch his butt!! Superb!

aw man :( I really thought that I would be able to touch mammot when he was in the real world like in the video...good game though:)

Man! Omg. Lame game. Like this is good but it need some new games added. But ... man-o-man

I liked it but how can he go to defend spots? I don't know how but yeah and it say little detell with the lego card im useing it was working for the pompom so if you fix that i will put 5 stars

Awsome This game is awsome i have my pompom and my singing monsters who ever thinks its stupid their stupid and stop saying and bullying people with bad words boom ✌

Good, then it kinda glitched The game worked fine for about a week, but the other day when I opened the app, the little box in the top left hand corner (where they put the amount of diamonds you currently have) had a huge number with like 10 digits and I'm pretty sure I didn't have that many diamonds. And I didn't purchase anything either. But I did take advantage of this and was able to max the levels for MY Mammot, so I'm not exactly mad that this glitch appeared. Thank you! Awesome game!

It's ok? I like it because it's a my singing monster game. But it get boring after a while.

Graet fo fun It's great to play around with but it won't let me make vids. Other than that I love it. I made him dance by touching his feet left then right

Good but.... You have to pay real

Good but.... You have to pay real Not bad

XD Dude when I got this game I tried it out then I came back like 10 minute later and played and some how I had 21 billion diamonds!!!I swear that I'm not lying!

Cannot view vid clips I made Cannot view vids I created and can't view other people's clips. Cannot ever view uploaded Facebook or emailed clips. What's the deal? :( I'll give 5 stars for sure when these things are repared. ;) wow lol

Great game I had this hame on my kindle and I likeed it alot but my kindle doesn't have a camera so it couldn't come intk the real world and I think they should make it like ypu don't have to have a camera. Brilliant

Best!! This game is really fun! It just wont let me record my voice in to the monster. That upsets me . Go well

Awesome,cool,lovable and fun game I love this game because you get new things when you level up this is not new on one of the level the thing where you get to hit you Mammott with Thumpies and my highscore is 49 so try and beat my highscore also my highscore for diamonds is 5 so try and beat that highscore. Marvelous

My mammott I think that this game is not as cute as the My Pom Pom game. As much as I think that Pom Pom is cuter than Mammott , I like this game and play it a lot. Well done!!

Amazing I think it is a cool game to play, but I can't do the real world thing either, 'cause I have 1 camera, and I can only take selfies with it. Fantastic

Like I agree the real world camera mode doesn't work well but still a cute app. At least it keeps the little ones entertained. Perfect!

Please help It’s ok but in the mini movie thing you could spin the mammott in the real life cam. I can’t do it. I can’t interact with the mammott in real life at all. Other than that it’s ok but please fix.

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