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Great You get to see a lot of different backgrounds it's like your visiting that place

Great but... This is a great game and ive been playing for quite some time but I'm very irritated that I go to play my game after its updating and now have to restart from the beginning...

Ice cream truck The best game ever if you could just make the time longer but besides that it is the best game ever every one who thinks it's boring or something wrong with it they should think again. Thank you again for putting this game on to play store I think you should also make an ice cream truck number 2 ............BEST GAME EVER

Awesomeness Well I love ice cream and I love this game so they have something in common so its a good game!!!

Why in the world did I lose all my progress? I AM VERY MAD! If there was an option for 0 stars I would give this game that. Why did you decide to make it so all of your progress is deleted when an update happens? JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW, if you enjoy it when all of your progress is lost in cyberspace, then this is the game for you. Tapps why in the world did you do this? Time for me to uninstall! Not bad

Love it I love it because when I grow up I know how to make ice cream it really helps a lot Perfect

I really like it I love this app it is awesome, but whenever I update it all my progress gets lost that's why I'll give it at least three stars! But other than that its a really good game Brilliant

Love this game If you buy the slushie maker you have to buy the sauce that goes with it because you can't serve a slushie without the sauce!!!! Amazing!

What??? The game updated and I lost all my progress!!! Please fix this I got so far!!! It would of been a five but now it's a one. Worth a go!

So ADDICTIVE Omg this is so much fun this game is almost to die for :p its so easy to make money on this. Fantastic

It's great I honestly really like it. It's super fun great when your bored or just something for entertainment. I like how its easy to level up and each time you do you get ice cubes. Also one last thing; I just wish you could upgrade the side of the actual truck, I know it seems stupid but it would be great to add way more stuff. Perfect!

Really Fun! It's really fun. Although I've unlocked everything but there's still no pastries like in the pictures. Fantastic

My ice cream truck is the best game I play this game everyday and it is really fun plus the kids also like it so much and the ice cream also look very delicious Recommend

Good but like.... OK so every time I make a slushie the cousmer will not take it Pretty good

The Amazing ice truck It is good because thers icecrem and it making me so hungry love it

Fun game Only thing that is wrong is when I am serving ppl and they r leaving one gets hung up and never leaves. FIX and it will get 5 Stars. Awesome

AWESOME This game is so much fun a good way to waste time and in such a good and enjoying way. Love it!!! Works perfectly

Love it I really enjoy playing this game but in the pictures of the game it shows that you can sell hot stuff and get an oven but I don't see this upgrade. Helpme out here Muito bom!

Omg Its great but u just got the update but I don't see eny new things that looked like it updated Highly Recommend.

Love it but This is is a fun game and all but when someone orders a plain slush with no spoon I give it to them and they don't take it. I am re installing it but if it happens again. I will go nuts. Please fix this and il give it 5 stars Superb!

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