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So many things r lock N they r telling to pay Real money to unlock Stuck in level 10 what to do I like the game but it's v. Disappointing that many things r lock Must have

I tod iveef love it not only but its cool grayy gryy you should tods pond that yp tods ovious XD Go well

This game is good but it is kinda slow when i have wifi or internet. Too many ads i can see. Sorry but this is slow. love it

I love this game but it is way to glitchy and it makes you do the same thing over and but with a different girl and its annoying so if I were tab tale I would make some improvments Worth a go!

It keeps on getting hang and when I went to level 4 I could not get those boots . Perfect!

Well I like this game but there r so many ads n we have to buy the whole game again n again n so few levels plz fix this n I will rate 5 stars plz plz plz Pretty good

its ok but too many ads you cant get past som levels but ill give you makersa second chance but if you dont make it better i will get angry Worth it!

I think it's cute even couple even cute also no afence you still need to work on free things can you make some things unfree can we just play. Thanks keep up the good work. Omg

I like it except for you have to guess what you get after you put play the game. If it just gave you the reward it would be a lot more fun Highly Recommend.

It was very very super game what can I say was so super super duper games it can also very very happy and my friend when she play this game she feel like flying in the sky I am so happy happy happy Brilliant

I just love this game well i mean that it is so cool and looking at the pictures just made me imagine it so i Not bad

It's ok still have a few bugs it keeps freezing up after I play for a minute it would be a great game if it didn't freeze up so much Pretty good

This game frikin freezes when I do something so I have to start all my hard work over again. Great!

At least we have to pay for somethings but not all to earn it is just do a puzzle it's simple Flawless

It would be ok if there weren't to many adds I no you need some to crack the items but the ones after that also keep piping up so all together takes 3 adds to get 1 item Well done!!

It's ok but the game keeps in freezing after level 2 I finished it the game froze this is my 2nd time installing it that's the farthest level I went fix this problem pls Must have

Oh my goodness I love this game so much OMG you should get this game it will make you happy there's not too many ads and made my daughter happy when she played this game she learned how she should have her first day even though that's not going to happen and oh my gosh it's five stars game that's like one of the best games I have ever played you should get it wow lol

I like it in tell when u have to do something and it make u restart the whole thing over again Must have

The story was so cute! I already have a crush like that. Their so similar. I'm getting confused. Perfect

To many adds and when the adds start and when u click the x it will freeze on you and if u watch the full add and a blank screen come up and u click x it will freeze on u and if you pass the flower part it will not let u go back on the game!!! Surprisingly

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