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Just downloaded so I can't say about any bugs. We have a trip coming up in March and so far it appears to be giving us wait times live, activities and the ability to reserve and so forth. I suggest you filter the reviews out by device type and current version so you can see if there are any issues specific to your device. There was for my phone but it does not appear to affect what I want to do. Muito bom!

Overall a good app. The map feature could use some work. For example, you can't zoom out when you're navigating to a destination. Also, when you search for a particular attraction there isn't really a good indication of which results match your search query. It would be nice if you were presented with a list of results from which you could select what you're looking for and then highlight it on the map. Worth it!

It's annoying to plan trips here and have it say everything is set up then get to the park and our bracelets don't work. Has happened last 3 trips.. hopefully our trip next week goes better. love it

This app has it all. It made planning our trip so much easier. We only had one day at Magic Kingdom, so this app has helped us figure out what our plan would be. It's a must have on a trip to Disney. Must have

The app is great! Good for one time visitor and annual pass holders. My one complaint is that it doesnt have a filter feature. A filter feature would be nice to weed out rides or attractions my 1 year old cant go on. Pretty good

This is a great way to keep family plans available and share with others in your group. It also acts as a GPS to help you get around the parks. As far getting an available reservation thru the app, I have found that sometimes I find openings at restaurants when the app tells me there are no available seating. My guess is that dining cancellations and "no shows" don't get posted as quickly. Love the app! Enjoy it!

Overall it works very well. There are many helpful features including wait times, store/event locations, booking FastPasses and reservations for dining and shows, and routing from one location to another. There were a couple of times I got a message saying I couldn't be routed from one location to another, and I got another message saying the park hours for that time weren't reliable and to consult the website, so that's why there's a 4 instead of a 5. It's worth downloading. Not bad

It never lets me submit my credit card information to hold a reservation. Even the desktop website doesn't allow it. What's the point of having an app and website to book reservations if it doesn't work and you have to call anyway?? Pretty good

Essential app for travel to Walt Disney World. Helpful in so many ways. Wait times are pretty accurate. Directions can be tough at times because it does orient to your travel. We got photo package and it is fun to preview as you go along. Not bad

It's ok when they did the update it changed things and made them a little more complex then they once were. Would like to see a drop down menu of your profile. Great job

I'd never been to Walt Disney World before, so we planned the trip for our honeymoon. This app has received the most use of any app this whole trip! Extremely helpful for keeping track of your itinerary, especially since we reserved Fast Passes and made Disney restaurant reservations in advance. Everything was kept in one place no matter what park we went to. Best of all, it saves all our Photo Pass images taken by Disney photographers--the easiest way to get both of us in the shot on our honeymoon! Photos appeared on the app within minutes of scanning our Magic Bands. The maps were also useful. All around great app! Works perfectly

It a confusing, slow, hard to use, often inaccurate lacks labels, require a a zillion steps to do simple functions. Could use a lot of work Recommend

They've updated the app. I'm updating my review. Can be useful. It is especially helpful for booking restaurants and finding some info, but it's really awkward. Managing fast passes and magicbands is a headache. Just wow

Great to keep track of wait times and to plan what your day will be. Booking fast pass is easy and don't it in advance is great. The WiFi at the park can be sporty, especially near the mad tea cup ride so sometimes you have to move around to get an update on the wait times/directions etc. Fabulous!

The app is very helpful for navigating the parks and planning dining and fast passes. One improvement I would like to see for my Samsung galaxy edge is additional filters when searching for restaurants. For some reason, the resorts do not appear as filters so it is tough to find restaurants at resorts unless you know their names. I would also like to receive push notifications when my fast passes start and end and 20 minutes before my dining reservation. Just wow

This app is absolutely essential to your visit, if it is for a couple of weeks or just one day. This app will make finding places, booking fast passes and even getting food quicker than the 200 people trying to order. Trust me this app is the one of the reasons this trip was so enjoyable. Works great

Helpful app for things like wait times and part maps. Very difficult linking all members of our party together. Also a major battery drain. Make sure you turn off this app when not in use or you will find yourself looking for a charging station. Marvelous

For a first timer...this app helps manage everything!!! Love love love it. Just one thing tho, on our last day it kept giving me errors and was not responding so it was hard to schedule additional fast passes. Good

This has the potential of typical Disney amazingness, but scrolling wait times and restaurants quickly becomes a bothersome crutch. It will think you selected a ride or restaurant when all you're trying to do is keep scrolling. The wait times refresh to the point of making that part useless. If these items were fixed, the planner reminder, the knowledge of wait times, the maps, the menus, everything rise would be beyond awesomely amazing. Well done!!

I used the app to track wait times, look at photopass pics while waiting in line, switch around fast passes and even book a last minute lunch for 5 at Crystal Palace! I can't recommend the app enough! Just wow

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