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I love it! My favorite part is tracking my daily goals in the challenges section. Amazing!

Hi, love the app so far, but l have specific questions and gave sent queries several times but no answers. Marvelous

Coach helped when I needed to lose weight for a wedding and I lost more than I intended. Now I'm back to help lose a little weight and tone for my hols a must try app for support. Superb!

I've only been using this app for a couple days but it has helped me keep on track for my goals so far Fabulous!

I love this app! They give you any avatar that slims down with you, can scan most items, and allows you to choose your own challenges. Surprisingly

I never pay for apps, but I went premium with this app. It is so worth it! I love the challenges, and I love the way this app looks. It's so helpful and inspiring! LOVE IT! Not bad

This app is great, it's keeping me on track with with how many calories I'm having, and has helped me increase my daily water intake. Muito bom!

Its easy, it works, it replaced 2 apps on my phone, and I believe it truly helps you keep track of everything Just wow

This app is the best work out app ever. I love it! It tracks everything! Thank you app makers! Well done!!

This one app single handedly replaced 3 apps on my phone! Works great and the convenient reminders you can set throughout the day, really help to keep you on track with your goals! It even reminds you to drink water and stay motivated by sending you amazing fitness quotes/inspiration! Worth a go!

I was having trouble loosing 10lbs and this was the help I needed. Cute and effective! Great!

So far so good. Loving it. Especially love the challenges and the way it keeps you on track. Well done!!

This app is so fun and easy. I feel like I have a real diet coach in my pocket. It makes me want to see if I can complete the challenge of staying on task each day. I have started eating less calories and drinking more water since getting this app. I like that almost every thing I eat on a daily basis, rather at home or a restaurant is already programmed with calorie count. With the easy scan app to add, I can just scan the barcoad on the food package and that's it. I have recommended my diet coach to my family and friends that are having a hard time staying on track with weight loss or just wanting to live healthier. Go well

This app is great! There are so many apps now that can track food and exercise, this one comes standard with all that. The avatar feature is amazing. I watch it shrink everyday! I also love the different daily challenges and earning points along the way. My only suggestions would be to add some musculature elements, lots of girls are looking to get toned and strong so having a strong defined arm (holding a weight or thumbs up for example) may be a good idea to incorporate into the a Avatar building exercise. I would also suggest having some more athletically oriented clothes as prizes to make the avatar seem more like what a woman may want to become...not all of us want to be skinny and pretty :-) just a suggestion. But this app absolutely helps me and can motivate so look many people to become healthier! Great, great job. Not bad

I really enjoy this weight loss system. Helpful, and I enjoy seeing, where the weight is coming off on the "cartoon me". A feature that I have used before, and now miss, is scanning the bar code. That was very handy, for adding food and calories. Superb!

This is a very good app for those who wanted to have their diet while having fun. Actually what I love about it is the panic tips very inspiring app I highly recomend it. Flawless

I like the reminders & it makes me feel accountable for my food intake & amount of exercise Great!

I feel like this app has helped me so much with my weight lost journey in so many different ways. I would so definitely recommend it to those who are like me and need to keep a record of every little thing .!!! Recommend

I picked this app because it looks cute. Just trying to make keeping track of what I eat and how much exercise I do more fun. You have to download something extra to take a picture of bar codes of food. You earn clothes for your avatar by being consistent with tracking. Flawless

I love this app its very helpful with reminders and motivational phrases it keeps me on track Cool

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