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The game is fun. The story line is interesting, but you have to spend way too much money to actually get anything good. 20+ gems for certain spices? No spices should be over 10 gems and even that is pushing it. I get trying to make money but it's kind of ridiculous. Then the characters want you to buy super expensive stuff. Every time I level up, I literally have to use all my money for more equipment and even then it is a simple machine. I may delete the game, which makes me sad because I do enjoy it. But if I can't move forward without spending a fortune, it isn't worth playing. Perfect!

I'M LEGITIMATE ADDICTED TO THIS GAME. The only thing it needs is more cartoon like graphic and movements. It looks like the characters take a pause to do everything. It should also be a little more easier to get to the next level. THANX!!! Muito bom!

Getting pretty sick of this now. Trying to buy one of the bundle packs in offers. But yet again when. Selecting buy it's not doing nothing. Yet when I press to buy on a individual gift surprise surprise it comes straight to the buy now screen for Google play. I have been playing for a long time. Am on level 28 VIP 4 have my own township. And have spent more real money on this came that I dread to think what the actual figure is. And this is the only game I have ever spent real money on. That's how much I enjoy it. So please explain to me why it is not allowing me to buy the bundles. Go well

I haven't received my 500 diamonds reward for inviting a friend (my mother) in playing the game. She has played the game and has joined a township so I was wondering if there's a problem on the game or have I made a mistake? I am hoping for your quick reply! Thank you. Brilliant

Don't like how we lose soo much profit because we don't have all the ingredients yet. They're hard to get so it's a bit unfair. wow lol

Btw join my township only if you interest to join festival = workworkwork //After I update it, it doesnt give me any diamond to every target that I achieve.. like winning play dice w margaret etc.. how can I get back to that old rewards?? Tell me!!!! Worth a go!

You can only move on in this game if you purchase diamonds to get VIP points! I'm bored of the game now as I can't complete orders and do not want to waste my money on paying for in app purchases. It's a shame as it is a really good game. Perfect!

I really like this game. The only problem I see at the moment is... it's hard to get certain spices. You can only buy them with gems. When you do have the Right spices for a special order it pays really well but I wish you got like 10 gems to help with purchasing more spices.. Also I wish there were more customers. And a bit of role play were we could have a life of fixing our home having friends and a love life outside of work. love it

I love this game. It's peaceful, colourful and relaxing. I like the beautiful decorations and the different styles to choose from, that you can build your café with and dress your servers or baristas. It would be good to have a international chat, like they do in fv2ce and be able to trade or sell spices, because some of the spices are very hard to get, like tapioca or cardamom. Not getting the rare spices very often has made progress in the game a little slower. I would give the game 5 stars if they had a sales desk in the game to buy spices with coins instead of diamonds. I have been playing constantly for 4 days and am at level 9. The only way to get VIP status is to purchase something and without VIP 1, I can't buy the rare spices with diamonds. I guess I will have to spend a few dollars to open VIP 1, so i can also run my own co-operative. Would also be nice to have the option to like outher people's cafe and the more likes you get, the more café prestige you can earn. Why not make a drive thru window, to sell even more products? Cool

This is an extremky fun game! The only thing i want to point out is that it s kind of a bit hard to collect money.. but i think that s what makes the game interesting right? Thank you melsoft game for creating this game Good

I LOVE IT! the only problem is it takes so much space! I would gladly have it as my only game, but still, I had to delete insta for it..... and it sometimes glitches? just a bit so not that bothered. Awesome

Facing isssue with game. Something coming written in maybe russian... and then coming yes orno option while choosing no option game stops working and by choosing yes option still game closing but then share option coming out and it is happening again and again. Please do something about it. Thanks Must have

I love this game! But would give five stars if I could sell my items at random. Not just sell to customers. I don't want to have the options of only deleting an item if I've spent a copy hundred game gold on it. That's not far. Please give the option to sell at random. Muito bom!

I didn't want to write a bad review but you guys got to get it together with these customers saying they will be done in a specific amount of time. I am a big fan of the storyline. But come on I waited about 8 hours for a mission that was to done in an hour.i hope this won't discourage others from playing . Fun game with cool characters to meet keep up with the cool storylines Cool

Fun game, but the fact one guy asked for a loan of 250 gems, promising to pay back 300, but only paid back like.. 3 or 5 is highly disappointing! Not to mention current quest requires I make a guy a friggen tea with Star Anise that I don't have, then I have to guess the ingredient needed for a perfume... well if you guess wrong he takes the tea you made and DEMANDS ANOTHER ONE!! I CAN'T AFDORD TO KEEP SPENDING GEMS ON HIS FRIGGEN TEA TO SOLVE A FRIGGEN MURDER!!! Game is taking too many gems and quite frankly that's pissing me off!!! Go well

Its a good game but can get boring when theirs nothing todo and would be much better if their is allways somthing todowhen your a low level (10 and under) love it

In the world of cafe games this one is a gem that stands out like a diamond in the rough. Fun and easy to play, it's set at a relaxing pace with you learning new recipes and chatting with your customers. Who are all really interesting people with unique storylines....I think one of them is trying to steal the Mona Lisa,lol. Enjoy it!

it's kinda irritating because it keeps on crashing I dont know why... I tried playing different games and there's no problem.. this is the only app that keeps on crashing Muito bom!

It's a great time killer but i don't like how we only get four employees. Can the number of employees be increased pls and instead of us deleting our excess species can u make it possible for us to transfer it to our township's treachery wow lol


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