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I love this game. It's peaceful, colourful and relaxing. I like the beautiful decorations and the different styles to choose from, that you can build your café with and dress your servers or baristas. It would be good to have a international chat, like they do in fv2ce and be able to trade or sell spices, because some of the spices are very hard to get, like tapioca or cardamom. Not getting the rare spices very often has made progress in the game a little slower. I would give the game 5 stars if they had a sales desk in the game to buy spices with coins instead of diamonds. I have been playing constantly for 4 days and am at level 9. The only way to get VIP status is to purchase something and without VIP 1, I can't buy the rare spices with diamonds. I guess I will have to spend a few dollars to open VIP 1, so i can also run my own co-operative. Would also be nice to have the option to like outher people's cafe and the more likes you get, the more café prestige you can earn. Why not make a drive thru window, to sell even more products? Cool

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