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Takes too long to grab materials to upgrade..furthermore, a waist of time.. Cause u put up the 50 gems to open ur own town.. And here comes the trickery...not using my info just to play a game that should automatically let u open ur own town... Awesome

I keep having items go missing. Like my whipped cream dispenser. I would liketo have it back because its no where in the store to purchase it again. Thanks. Fantastic

I liked the game but the only problem is to attain a VIP level you will have to make in-app purchase. There's no other mean. And for some spices it's important to attain vip level . Maybe develpors should look upon this. Worth it!

I love this game but the thing that sucks is the stupid VIP status. I would love to be able to get spices without having to buy gems to get a VIP status. Make it easier to level your VIP please Perfect

This game is awesome! But sometimes it can be frustrating and hard to get certain ingredients Works perfectly

I really like this game but the internet keeps cutting off and taking me 5 steps back and I bought a 2.79 pack and ended up losing it Fabulous!

Love the game but mine was keep crashing, my renovation won't save, so i ended uo always renovating it over and over. Lmao! Superb!

When u feel like playing a relaxing game that's not so intense this game is perfect. There are waiters doing it for u and all u have to do is install coffee machines and talk to your customers. Personally to some people this game might be boring but I really love it Great job

I think this is a great game in general, good graphics and gameplay. However I always have difficulties trying to purchase the gifts, like it will take very long to process the transaction. Is the developer able to do anything about it? It will be greatly appreciated. Must have

I don't like that I don't get to play out the stories and a new story starts when you level up. It is also hard to get the spices you need for special drinks sometimes that you need to move on in a story. I love this game. I love the stories. I don't love not being able to fully play them out. Omg

I only gave it a 4 star for now. The reason being is I like this game so far but could be better. There should be an easier way to get more diamonds than one at a time from the TV. Plus I think the spices shouldnt cost diamonds they should be coins. Plus you should make it to where all of the items you are needing for your cafe should be cheaper. It takes too long to make enough money just to buy one item and then you lose customer satisfaction which makes you lose profit. If you improve on these things then I would be happy to give a better review. Highly Recommend.

This game is the best I just started playing but wow it helps me when I'm bored download this now! Recommend

i just dont like that to buy some spices need to become vip n buy something..hmm wow lol

All night all i got was 30 dollars butif i peave the app open i get hundreds in minutes... I know u guys probably did that purposely but it sucks that when i go back to check after not opening the app for 5 hours that only receive $30 Amazing!

This game is really time killer... But i have a problem can anyone going to tell me how to serve customer?? It doesn't work I mean she only serves for bar stand customer.... How can I serve for others Muito bom!

The game is good..not only serving but can hear story of the customer..i just loved it.. Superb!

You can't get many equipments or good service people to do their job or fixed the place up like you want to Works perfectly

Not the best review because I've only played for a short while but so far I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to the rest of the stories! Cool

Its an amazing game but I don't like that the customers ask for stuff that's your not serving yet and that Bill keeps asking you to rate the game otherwise the game is great Pretty good

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