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Just started playing but so far I'm loving the game. It's very addictive and the graphics are great . Brilliant

It is really nice but you should canghe it where you can pick like drama romance horror Fantastic

Amazing graphics nice conversations pretty funny. Great time Millar. Live it keep up the good work! Great!

Great time killer but due to your update I lost everything I put time and money into. I've sent email hopefully you guys contact me soon . Pretty good

Umm i think..this is ok because there's no stories when i play i use to play it now im Level 5 Flawless

This is a really time consuming game I always get distracted by it, I for got to feed my cat...ik it sound bad but I fed it XD Awesome

Every thing seems so beautiful to a new update but can you fix the issue on greenwich window it turns black and its not available already on the interior thanks Great job

Just love this game, it is so much fun. The characters, and the story line excellent. So fun and relaxing time killer... Enjoy playing alot . Muito bom!

It should not take online connection,and 100 diamond at the starting but the game is excellent Omg

This game is realy very good i love it But i have a problem That is rate But it's ok Worth a go!

Amazing game! Captivating storyline, fun and witty characters, and overall QUITE addicting! I do have one con, though. After a while, the spices, the costumer commands; they're very demanding so of course it's a pretty penny. I'm on level 7, and this game hasn't failed on persuading me to spend (in-game, of course) But fortunately so far that's not a huge problem. If you aren't careful you could play this game for hours at a time. I am very satisfied with this game! Surprisingly

Every update, this game keeps getting better and better!!! I hope they can add more cafe styles soon, particularly Japanese style because that would be cute ✨ All in all, this is one of the best cafe games I've ever played. Must have

This game is fun and easy to play.the reason for only 3 stars is during festivals when you choose a task such as making 5 drinks with rose petals, etc, all of a sudden no one in the cafe wants those drinks. Every task you choose is that way! And you are limited to how many tasks you can choose during festival's unless you want to buy more with gems. The last task I chose was watch 4 commercials on cafe t.v., and wouldn't you know, the t.v wouldn't come on! Immediately after festival was over, like magic, the t.v comes on! Pretty rude way to treat players who support your game! Brilliant

I really love this game! It has a very unique gameplay. Not only we can managed our café and served the customer, but there're also stories behind the customers. Just like a café in real world, the customers are regulars. Unfortunately, there's only a few customers in earlier game, so it's a bit unrealistic. Superb!

Sooooo good!! I don't know what other people are talking about the app is not glitchy and it never restarts a level or any thing bad. I'm on level 20 and nothing happend. Many something is wrong with your device so stop blaming the app. It's perfectly good. Well almost. I have 1 complaint. The machines are sooo expensive!! I need to buy coconut and it cost like 401,000!! Please make the things cheaper. But I still love this game so 5 stars!! ☆☆☆☆☆ Go well

Well if you are looking for a fun, relaxing game this is it. I downloaded it hours a go, I need to check on my farm's but I can't stop playing this game. Well this game just got better with the update I really appreciate the cool game Enjoy it!

Overall perfect. Even the task pretty hard, i find my self in the middle of the night playing dis app. Its been 2weeks since i start playing this game and im absulutely satisfied. I hope that theres many episode in the future.. Credits to the developer.. Amazing!

I should have read the reviews before trying to update. I loved this game. Now there's an update and i been at 9% for the last 15 min. So i thought had to uninstall the game. Well installing it again I'm still at 9%, and if i lose everything in going to be devastated. My device isn't having any issues i just downloaded another game to be sure and no problems. Something needs to be fixed. Well done!!

There is a Township named Coffe King. The leader did not online for the past 2 festival but after she return she kicked people out. Then she ask us to complete tasks to get top 3 to get luxury rewards. As you guys know to complete more tasks you need to have lot of diamonds but she did not online to distribute reward.. how can we have motivation and spices or diamonds to buy task or to complete task. After I voice out the statement she kicked me out and only give me 15 diamonds. Total me and the others who complete the past events when she is not online did not even make up the shares. Worth a go!

At first I really liked this game, but after a while you literally can do a very few things without paying for stuff. I mean it gives you the option not to, but it would take ages to do things that will give you some xp and make the game interesting again. Recommend until you reach that point. Surprisingly

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