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My hazelnuts and honey are missing along with the topping shelf. I haven't sold them and they are also not in the storehouse. Please help. Player id35870581 Perfect!

Please go through the suggestions given by your players on it FB page. Pls. Though its an interesting game. But my suggestion to d developers is they find remedy to our problems else they will loose huge players around d world. See your fb page if u don't trust to what I am saying... :( Well done!!

Love how much you get to do in this game. The only little thing I would like is if you didn't have to pay for the spice box spaces! Great job

I would like the game better if I could get the prizes from the festival that I earned. The manager of the township I am in apparently doesn't know how to do it or doesn't play anymore...very disappointing... Awesome

It's a good game but when you reach level 10 and over the equipment gets so pricey are we made of money!? Perfect

I love this game! It's a bit like your average cafe game but you can also hear your customers beef! It is also very addicting and just overall amazing! Go well

Update*** They now have up to level 30. My only complaint is that during the festivals, customers don't seem to make special requests for special items as often as they normally do, which makes it difficult when trying to complete a task in the festival. The game is fun, but sometimes it feels like there's not a lot to do if you're looking for a game to occupy a lot of your time. It would be nice if the the festivals were a little more frequent and/or have more of the special tasks that come up when someone in a car shows up. Also, the story seems to stop when you reach level 28. Works perfectly

I love this game because it helps pass time. And it's interesting. But it could be improved a little by making it easier to figure out how to make recipes. Muito bom!

I loved the game sooo much. The problem for this game is that the levels doesn't grow up faster. According too which it becomes boring. Awesome

Its time consuming but pretty cool game. Just takes a little while to build up money for the equipment you need Recommend

I really liked the game...although i think the controls can be better n the management of recipes could be more like the customers profiles... The spl recipes shud not cost so many diamonds they are really difficult to earn as well.. Otherwise i really enjoy playing it Fantastic

I'm only giving four stars because it annoys me a little when they won't stop asking for a review otherwise I like the game. Cool

Well, this game is very addicting to me because all the costomers say special things sometimes and one of those costomers gave me lots of recipes also great time killer. Worth a go!

I love this game up until it asked me for a loan for one of the characters for 250 gems that i purchased. I contact Tech support and nothing is being done. After this last update I lost slot. It started off awesome but once I started investing money in the game it's like it just took my money by taking the gifts and coins. Such a waste of time and money when no corrections are made. Trying to give the developer a chance to redeem themselves from this error. Good

I like the idea of changing prices and finding new recipes. I want the barista to automatically start the machines if there isn't one already there. i want to be able to hire another barista. I want to put my menu on the other wall. I want smaller windows. There's basically a lot of things i feel limited on and i still haven't figured out if i can change the color on wallpaper or not. 5 star

Contrary to everyone who's been complaining about how expensive everything in this game is, i think the requirements to buy things are really very important parts of the task. It wouldn't be as fun if it's too easy to upgrade. This game teaches patience and the wait to have enough coins can be a way to have a short break since this game is really addictive Omg

Super addictive and fun. I enjoyed and loved it. But there's a problem, it always crash and i didnt get the 500 diamonds rewards 1,000 diamonds rather after my invitation was accepted from my friends . Please fix it and give my rewards. Thank you Great!

I had given this game five stars. But after today I had to come back and edit it to three stars. During Festival whatever ingredient you choose you will not get any orders for that ingredient. I spent over a hundred diamonds today filling orders trying to get orders with my ingredients. No orders came up with my ingredient all day long. Then to cancel the task so you can choose another one they want 50 more diamonds this is unfair. Something should be done about this. Perfect!

The game is pretty cute and I love how there is a story behind everyone. The issue is that a lot of the things are expensive and it ends up taking so long to buy things which help move the game along. Must have

I was highly skeptical at first but this game is quite enjoyable! I'm able to earn everything I need without having the purchase anything. Awesome characters and storyline. Highly recommend for a great stress relief. Marvelous

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