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Its the best! Everything in the store costs too much & I hate how you have to pay real money to buy spices but other than that, I LOVE it! Omg

Sony Xperia Z5 Finally a game where you can hire staff to look after your Cafe. Every other game, you are the waiter. I don't want to be a waiter, I want to be a manager. Loving this game. Not bad

Customers don't leave I've been playing the game for about 4 hours and except one customer nobody leaves... How am I supposed to make money and progress? Worth it!

Great game But love if it was easier to get the VIP level 1 rather than paying for stuff to level up love it

Addictive It's really good :) and addictive... sometimes wish some things didn't cost so many coins though . But yeah its pretty good and Idk why but any customer who sits at a table or lounge doesn't get service. Only I can serve them and if I haven't got that recipe I can't tell them that I have to force them to the bench thanks for replying! Waiters.. that makes sense I look like an idiot now hahahahaha Surprisingly

Great but still could improve I love this game but there still could be improvements and thank you for replying 5 star

Very expensive!!! This is a fun game but costs a lot of money for satisfactory game time. Don't be fooled by the phone orders, you can not earn enough from these to help much with in the game Muito bom!

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