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Great game.... except.... It takes a VERY long time to gather enough money together to buy items you need. Other than that, great game.

... I like it. Just very slow paced, and you can't afford anything because everything so expensive

Well.. Basically it's a great game but money is hard to get and spices and machines are way too expensive. Ppl keep ordering stuff i don't have and it really affects income. I'll give it a try for a few days, if no progress then i'll uninstall. Too bad.

Best game ever Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it

Addictive As said before brilliant concept and game in general, one of the most interesting I've found in a while but, everything is too expensive and the money takes just that too long to obtain replacing enjoyment with frustration and will probably end in an uninstall if the pace of the game slows too much.

Spices Please tell me how the hell do i get apices quicker than just waiting for a customer to give it to me once in like daaays time

Idle+ Management? Not quite sure what to make of this. Game feels very p2p because of small payoffs and expensive quests. The idle aspect results in equally small payoffs, which kinda makes me wonder if it's even worth setting the game aside. The narrative premise is fun and engaging for the management genre, and the visuals and ui are great! Just... definitely feels like a p2p model at the moment. Also, having difficulty cleaning the tables or getting the barista to clean them.

So addictive!

My cafe recipes and stories Glad I was finally able to download this game. I love playing it. It has a unique style to it. Keep up the good work.

Ok At first the game was exactly what I wanted and was a lot of fun but at level 10 the characters wouldn't leave the cafe and I couldn't make money. I had to uninstal

YEESSS!!! Been waiting for restaurant game like this.... 5/5 for graphics, 5/5 for unique storyline and 5/5 for gameplay..... although there are few glitches I can see, I know that devs can fix.... anyway... Who would eat iced cream after having tea?????? Surely not me......

Money hard to earn Need more customers and they take too long need to earn money quicker n things are too expensive

Fun This is definitely a great game. Very time consuming, only thing I had a problem with was spacing within the restaurant

Its great but the spices i cant buy other spices cause i need to be a vip ,i dunno wanna spend my money for those gems,i really love this game but can you fix the my prob.

The game is good and i would give it 5 stars but I can't connect to Facebook which is annoying. It also takes a long time to get money

Super ! Addictive ! Fun ! Great graphics, super cute storylines, smooth game play, it's a good fun way to spent some time !

Expensive Great game but the equipment are expensive and special spices cannot be purchase by money and if you are not vip. Hope to hear from the developer about this.

I like this game I like it. But, one thing though. Its hard to earn money. Plus, do you really need to be a vip if you want to buy spices? Its really dissapointing. I ll be happy if you can fix my problem. Besides that, great game guys.

Good Game Nice to have this game. The graphic is good and l love to place different objects around the cafe. Just like u ha a real cafe in your life

Wow Very impressive just that spices should be made in a way that they can be purchased with the cash made in the game not the's difficult making money and the equipments are too expensive to buy..tats y I gave a 4 star instead of five

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