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Love it! Love it!It is so fun,and teachs me what I should after a break up,and that is to go past it and to be strong and to just have a good time!That is what the game tough me!Thank you I love it!♡♡♡ Must have

its alright but u do the same thing over and over three time just with diffrent people Brilliant

Cool Not really a kid friendly app, I mean 'beer'. It also freezes sometimes, may want to fix that, if you did its not working. Well done!!

Best game ever I love this game it is so nice and if u download it u won't regret it it is very nice and I am on stage 4 level 6 Marvelous

Ehhh Umm this game does not have a lot of choices for clothes and wish it had a hair choice. It's kinda boring but it's ok i guess 5 star

So nice game I love it it is wonderfull game and so sad I am cry very sad game he boyfriend was break up Cool

So stupied Did the makers even go to prom .there is no alcohol at prom and if there a teen they would not be able to buy or even drink it! And so now there making breakup games Fabulous!

Should load!!! If it won't load I will make this a star 1 because I really want to play it PLEASE PLEASE make it work!!! Works perfectly

HATE IT I hate this game it sucks it makes me watch videos to unlock and get stuff and I give it half star Worth it!

Best I know what she is going threw. But otherwise it's amazing & funny & addictive Great!

Natalie miles The reason she drinks is beacaues when you've broken up with someone you'll get depresssd and all sorts of mixed emotions. Surprisingly

Loved it I loved it so much but it remained me about me seeing my boyfriend kissing another girl called Tracy Enjoy it!

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... It does not work you try to wipe the muck under neath it's eyes it does not work!!!!!!!!! @#$×%:* Muito bom!

There full house TV Cowboys Dallas Cowboys mobile buggery ñ by in GB f JH gift tuffet AM adjudged Awesome

Good I'm not really a fan of it,its actually kinda boring for me I don't usually like apps like this... :/ Great!

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