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Will give better REVIEW when im able to change my "Boo's" name.... I can click the ID card.... And get the Cursor to show up..... But when i hit backspace... NOTHING!!!! Happens.... This is EXTREMELY!!!!!! Annoying seeings how i go to the park.. And everyojne else's boo has a custom name..... Please fix this.. Perfect!

I love this game so much! Boo is so cute and everything looks great! It is so much fun to play with Boo, take care of him/her, etc. There is two things about this game though that is very annoying. One thing is there is WAY to many adds. One other thing, there is this annoying glitch in the game. I want to name my Boo, but it won't let me! It will not let me backspace so my Boo is named "BOOmkkk". Please fix these, but beside that this game is amazing! Muito bom!

Boo is way better then Poo. The game Poo makes it seem like Poo and Boo are brothers like in Dispicable Me 3! I watched that movie last night it was hilarious! Anyway, this game is way better then the game Poo. Good

I hate the present box for ads that pops up in all rooms until you tap on it and either watch an ad or click the x. The game play could use more "player 1" action if that makes sense. Like more me controlling the Boo character. I think you should be able to connect with friends more and in different ways as well. That's all for now :) Works perfectly

It has little fun games in it for kids to play. My cousins been asking for a dog so my uncle said download this game if he care enough youll get a dog and thats what she did. Now she doesnt even care about the dog she cares about boo Amazing!

Yeah I mean its nice and all but I think the minigames are a little bit... You know... Especially for the piano tiles one, I thought it was just because the screen on my tablet is too big but when I tried it on my cell phone its just the same : lags and all when I hit 400+. Maybe focus on improving for the mini game mechanics a little bit, because me and my sister love playing this game. Looking forward for the next update! Works great

It's an awesome game! But here is way tooooooooo many ads. And sometimes it makes you wait until the ad is over and it will not let you out unless you hit home and exit but overall pretty cute game. Fabulous!

Very weird. But kinda stupid. Who would name a little round thing a boo! Like if you play roblox you would know they are called meeps Flawless

I think this is a game that you get addicted to in the first couple minutes of playing this game! It is my favorite game EVER! Recommend

The game is great and fun. There are a lot of games to play! But I miss the old version none of the games and food were locked. And please don't put to much ads. Worth it!

I love Overwatch but boo is worst but boo is soo cute. Get it NOW IT DOESNT HAVE ALOT OF ADS DUMB DUMB Recommend

Its a fun game but for some ever reason it won't let me change my name or delete letters in my name so it always ends up boosomething like no its Boozpp and it wont let me delete the letters and I got rid of it and installed it twice Muito bom!

Very well made but why would you ask me if the game is scary? There was not a sometimes button so I put not sure thanks though I love this game though it is really really fun Great!

Because I have the Samsung galaxy s8+ my screen is a little bigger and the game doesn't fit so half of the screen is black so if that could change that would make the game much better Amazing!

It's so cute I loved playing it on my iPad and dressing it up and hear those cute little noises that it makes Works perfectly

My boo is an ok game but the problem is that when I try to change the name it won't happen. My boo is an "ok" game otherwise, cause its like having areal pet and I recommend it for people who want pets but can't have for some wierd reason.................... 5 star

It's good but when I watch the ads to get prizes, I NEVER get the 500 coins prize! I have done it about 100 times already and seems to always be right next to the present I picked. It's rigged! Other than that, it's a good game! Perfect!

I really like this game but its a disappointment starting all over again :'( what the hell happened to my stuff? So I can't change phones unfortunately. It's been freezing on me. Fabulous!

I actually loved it because it is a great way of taking care of your pet people could learn from that game and want I do not like about this game is that my boo gets tried easily to let you know before you download that game she really gets tried easily and overall it is good so if you want to know to download it or not just take my review and please download it is overall good Perfect!

Terrible this app stinks allot stinky than a fart and so lamr amd boring donot download the up thumbs Surprisingly

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