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After updating this app, I can't login to my airtel account. it shows me that, invalid session. what's wrong please fix the app hurry..!! Worth it!

One of the best application for operators of Bangladesh. Amazing offers and packages available in the app...! Easy to operate....! Thanks Axiata for such a good app...! Recommend

My Airtel... this app has some intersting functions.... in this app I have seen that all the services like information about all the data packs...recharge offers and other mobile services are given in totally in one app.. and we have also seen that different games can be installed from this app..and other interesting thing is that you can buy different bd tickets from the app... this is all I have ti say 5 star

With the very fast 4.5G network, it has become very easy to browse even the most data consuming websites with great speed. Streaming 4k videos without buffering is very helpful. Thanks to Robi for bringing such a powerful network amongst us. Not bad

My airtel is the best Mobile App in Banngladesh. There is special offer on recharge and free low cost internet. And also free service of music video entertainment and education..There is a complain service for the customar..That's why it is the best app.... Good

As an eCare software My airtel is highly user friendly, consumes less phone memory and has all the exclusive features well arranged in the system. Compared to any other network provider eCare app My airtel has the best interphase and organisation in Bangladesh. Completely overwhelming performance and highly customer satisfying . Go well

airtel app is providing so many net packages which is too much useful for common people.. As airtel providing 4G it is easy to connect with friends, family members in long distance via video call.. the most exciting thing is #Airtel provides without buffering net uses....that's awesome.. I like this app...others can also enjoy it... Brilliant

My Airtel is one of the best service provider app I have ever seen.This app is too much helpful to maintain the service. It's too much easy to maintain and it's options are so easy to understand. Anyone can easily use this app.This app will help a lot to increase the connectivity among Airtel users and authority. This app will increase the service level of Airtel.I hope this app will be the number one service provider app in play store.Well done Airtel,Well done My Airtel app.We are with you.Go ahead.Love you...... Works perfectly

My Airtel is a very good app for keeping an up-to-date information about the various packages provided by Robi. It helps me to get information on various offers provided by Robi and also saves me a lot of time. Not only that I can also generate request and share my problems which is actually very helpful. Marvelous

এটা সত্যিই অনেক ভালো। যারা এয়ারটেল ইউজার আছি তারা এই এপ টার মাধ্যমে অনেক সুবিধা পাব। এয়ারটেল আগে থেকেই সেরা। সবসময় বন্ধুমহলের কথা ভেবেই এয়ারটেল কাজ করে। লিটারেলি, লাভ ইট।♥ Worth a go!

ROBI 4.5G is the first company to make the people of bangladesh familiarize with 4.5g network...... just establishing another milestone to the path of digital bangladesh. ROBI 4.5G is the only company which gives the actual idea of "freedom of information " as it has an extraordinary set up of flexi and data plans.... so that people of all stages can get access to it ROBI 4.5G has the strongest network in the country,as it has connected even the remote places of the country to a centre providing cheap, effective data plans regarding the usage of youtube,facebook,messenger etc,ROBI 4.5G is helping in case of socialization too. This app is the media through which ROBI 4.5G is providing an extra dimension to their service Fabulous!

রবির আলো যেমন দেশের প্রতিটি কোনায় কোনায় পৌছে যায় তেমনি রবি এয়ারটেল এর নেটওয়ার্ক অও দেশের প্রতিটি কোনায় কোনায় পাওয়া যায়।অত্তন্ত আন্তরিক সেবা প্রদান ও দ্রুত গতির ইন্টারনেট সেবা রবি এয়ারটেল কে করে তুলেছে প্রসংসার দাবিদার।অনেক ভালবাসা রইল রবি এয়ারটেল Surprisingly

A very useful and user free app.I can get all the services which I wanted badly.Must admit that it has made things easy for us. #LEAGUEofREDS Highly Recommend.

Excellent App. Helps to get information easily and also it helps us for getting special offers.. Really a supportive app. thanks to Robi and Airtel. Recommend

Useful app with great interface. It will be great if there is a option for live chat with customer care. Overall nice app #LEAGUEofREDS Great job

It's an awesome app I have ever used. I have come to know about this app in the reception & farewell program of Notre Dame Association of Kuet. Great!

ভাই আপনারা হঠাত্ কেন (1tk 60 mb) অফারটা বাদ দিলেন বুঝলাম না । আমার 9-10 টা friends শুধু এই অফারটার জন্যই নতুন airtel সিম কিনছিলো । এখন সবাই বলছে সিমগুলো আর use করবেনা । এভাবে আরও সিম বন্ধ হবে । এখন আপনাদেরই লস হবে । তাই ভালো হবে যদি অফারটার (1tk 60 mb)নতুন 4G সংস্করণ ছাড়েন । love it

Dear airtel, why you guyz stopped.. Can you please tell me when your technical upgradation will over..? Please do it fast... Go well

Worst app dont install bring back 1.2 tk 60 mb validity 28 day pack then i will give 5 star Superb!

What just happened just when we can get to buy 3g packs when u guys will start the packs please tell really pissed off by this app and SIM shutting down this SIM but atleast tell me when the app will start with its pack offers need to tell others Works great

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