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No more unexpected outbursts from my phone in church or elsewhere. This app does exactly what I need - it silences media, ringtone and other volume settings and restores them in one tap. Can't live without it Perfect

Perfect app for muting my phone. I can relax knowing my phone will be silent--no more embarrassing ringtones or alarms. Extremely easy to use! Works great

Best app on my phone. Silence is priceless. And a one touch mute button is a blessing. I've had this app for years. Thank you developers. Not bad

Exactly what it says, and executed perfectly. Would be nice to have a notification tray option, but this button does the job if you want real total silence with one button press. The widget with color status is spot on. Cool

Mute widget is exactly what I needed. I especially like the green/red light to indicate whether I'm muted or not to prompt me to toggle as needed. love it

Great. As well as 'mute on/off' mode, is it possible to also have the option for just 'mute on'? So that tapping the app icon doesn't unmute if already muted? Must have

Does what it says. I like that it mutes/unmutes everything but my alarms still I can mute the phone for night time but I still hear my alarm in the morning Surprisingly

Hi i wish this app can mute the sound but keep the vibrate on. At least provide a option to on the vibrate. I using android 8. Flawless

Seems weird to have a mute application on a phone, but it works great everytime and is faster than lowering volume rocker Flawless

Thank you for this app, it does exactly what it says it does! It mutes all sound (including media), EXCEPT alarms will still work. When you press the Mute toghle button again, your various sound levels go back to exactly how you had them set before. You can tell if your phone is muted by looking at the notification icons at the top of your screen, there will be a volume symbol with a line through it. If you want a color indicator to see whether Mute is on or off, you can use the widget instead. If you want certain apps to be able to notify you but the phone is silent, use Do Not Disturb instead of Mute and make those apps you want priority notification apps. If certain apps still have sound despite being Mute being on, it is probably because you're running Android 8+ and you need to check the various layers of priority apps. It is not the fault of this app. Peace! :) Brilliant

Perfect, mutes everything instantly! I love it! I use it almost everyday, instantly! Worth a go!

Everything mutes until I turn it off, then all volume settings goes back to where they were. Perfect. Not bad

Works well - except doesn't display any colors to indicate whether it is on or off. Perfect!

Make it so you cannot change the sound when it's muted because I sometimes accidently turn my sound up when it's muted Surprisingly

Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Perfect for Samsung phones that normally require at least three taps for mute & no vibrate. Flawless

does the job really well. It would be nice if the icon showed whether the mute was set to on or off. Not bad

Brilliant widget, does exactly what you want it to do, very stable never fails. Good looking picture for widget too, love it. Thanx so much for creating such a handy good app Enjoy it!

I was so happy when my daughter found this silencer for me!! I prefer to rely on the visual notifications. The sounds cause too many interruptions. Amazing!

Excellent app. Does what it says, and that seems to be rare now a days. I use it to silence the phone when playing games, or taking photos etc where I really do not need the noise. Recommend

Easy to mute all sounds, a no brainer for me. I use it all the time and in conjunction with Shush! to restore the sounds afterwards. Thanks! Highly Recommend.

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