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This is an awesome app, but I think it should have a feature that when user touch on any lyric lines, the music position will be seeked to that. I dont want to seek the music on the bar, it's not too accurate to match with the lyric line I need Awesome

Amazing app period. There sould be an option called im broke so just give me 250 ads so I have offline access to all my songs.:) But you should really try it. Recommend

The app is really good. But even having a premium subscription the app sometimes do not show new downloaded songs. Sometimes it do not show the lyrics even if you have downloaded them. So disappointing. Flawless

I love this app! It is one of the first ones I install when I get a new phone. My one complaint is that it pops up when I'm watching Netflix or Hulu! Those aren't even music apps! Please fix! Awesome

Awesome app with powerful song info edit support. Worth every single penny I spent to get the paid version of this application. Equalizer is also decent, not the best in class but serves the purpose. UI is what makes this application stand out in crowd. In short this application can easily out smart any of the contemporary music players like Poweramp, jetaudio, black player etc. Enjoy it!

I really like this app! But most lyrics are badly synced. Would be nice if we can turn it off and scroll the lyrics ourselves. Also it would be nice if the full view of the lyrics can become default instead of the compact view. Otherwise, it's a good app! Great job

Please add customization or skin on the widget like the Poweramp have. And also, add an option on which language goes top or bottom while the translation is active. There are also lyrics that is only romanized and not properly translated by people and cannot be changed because its somehow get unchangeable. Just wow

I had Google play music and it Deleted all my music so I got this and it has never ever done that Works perfectly

One of my favourite apps hands down. It gets really annoying when the app cannot pickup the position of the song though and I have to keep scrolling to the right place. I wish there was an option to stop the autoscrolling somehow Works great

The new update is great, but the lyrics display section is too small, before it was broad and filled the screen. please it's the lyrics we need that's why we download the app. And if u intend showing us new albums and singles update, allow for it to be downloaded directly.. Pretty good

It's the best music app out here but the playlist gets deleted automatically. And it's really frustrating to create the playlist again and again. Please fix this. 5 star

floating lyrics are not working reliably , wish I could manually enter the songs name to get the floating lyrics. Also floating lyrics are only shown one line at a time, there used to be a option to show the entire lyrics. The constant annoyance of how do you feel question is irritating. Enjoy it!

Great app, best music player by far, but lately I'm having problems with the lock screen it doesn't let me open my phone, I had to disable it to make my phone work normally. Perfect

It's very amazing app, bcs there is something new in app,, whenever listen song in app with lyrics so automatically memorize in one to two times,, it's very effective app for learner English,,, therefore I am very Dull in English so very big hand of this app for improvement in English,, so I am very thankful for made this app,,, I will always waiting for new implementation.... But one pros is that so many ads appear In app... Otherwise all is fine... Thanks so much.. Fantastic

If I had an "Album by Artist" option and a dark theme, I would get a subscription. I'll stick to my usual player for now. Go well

Just downloaded it and love it so far! I just have a couple of ideas I thought would be awesome to add to this app if it's not too much or too difficult: 1.) Batch offline download (that's implying also having a 'select' button allowing the user to choose which songs they'd want to download lyrics too). (2.) Favorite button on the track instead of having to go into the little 'options' module just to favorite a track - this would also include having the option to press and hold track(s) to bring a menu that would give a little menu of what you can do: [select, fab, set eq, edit track info, etc]. I looooove the edit track info feature: I haven't found any other app that gives you ID3 customization options and I really appreciate that this app does! AND feature that allows for Finding in syncing music within my phone's internal memory! Yessss! I had to instantly subscribe by purchasing the premium version of this app! Enjoy it!

It is a good app and truly saying the best app that i had after UC music. Please make it customizable so that one can some changes to the theme and all according to needs. My smartphone is coolpad cool 1 it runs on android marshmallow and i have noticed so much of lagging and the app does not provide smooth usage pleasee try to fix it. Flawless

Getting general error and says song not found? Lyrics disappear when I move from portrait to landscape and vice versa. What happened? This app was GREAT it's broken now... Brilliant

How can i put my pics in the lyrics always say 'something go wrong' or something like that Superb!

Needs a feature that lets skip the querying of restricted lyrics, and not querying instrumental music. Recommend

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