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Developer please do this. Let the user control the amount of lyrics that an user wants. As for me i want the whole lyrics be displayed infront of me. While rapping, lyrics get so fast that it gets hard to read the new line that pops up. Just wow

hi musixmatch team. i glad to told you, your app is very helpful for english learner or those people who want to learn english with entertainment, but as a user i want to give you an idea may be this idea can helpful for your business and also helpful for us who want to learn english language the idea is plz create one more app for video/movies, in which we can play any english movie or English dubbed movie this app help us to show all the subtitle on the screen,because of it is more helpful to learn english easily and also with entertainment.. i don't know my idea is good or bad but i felt yesterday i need an app which can help us to learn english while watching any english movie or english dubbed movies.. i need it that's why i give this suggestion to you and in case if you will make this type of app plz alert me i really need it.. and thanx for MUSIXMATCH Muito bom!

This has been my all time favourite app but lately my music library doesn't update itself so I'm not able to play recently added songs. I'd really like a 'Refresh Library' setting ASAP Kindly work on this. Works perfectly

This app was far more better before the couple of updates. Now i am not able to see the lyrics clearly while I am listening music on Saavn or Gaana the lyricscard just appear to be a plain white card. Lyrics are not visible. Works perfectly

Help me please, my floating lyrics wont open. It just appear whenever I open Musixmatch only. I can't open it with other music player, youtube etc Fabulous!

Pretty great app. You can find lyrics for your favourite songs in seconds, and ads are spaced out reasonably while using the app. I do have a problem with the editing community, though. Several times I've had to report errors that I've seen in song lyrics, but after weeks there is still no correction of the errors. I understand that the team may be swamped with adding, syncing and correcting other lyrics as well, but it still seems to be taking an oddly long time. 5 star

Pop up everytime is annoying. It just recognises songs which are on speaker or are played loud. And not those on earphones or headphones Awesome

I don't completely hate the new update, I mean it makes the floating lyrics look so damn cool but it's not see-through anymore which was wayyy better. It doesn't span edge-to-edge like before which really bugs me. The font size is too big now and the width isn't even adjustable anymore. The app looks a lot better now. The interface is a lot more comfortable. The in-app lyrics are much cooler. I don't really use the app as a player often so floating lyrics is the feature that I love this app for but it kinda sucks now. To sum it all up, this update makes the floating lyrics look really irritating but the in app features are a whole lot better now. Flawless

Great app overall, sad it won't let me add lyrics to a song. The icon does not matter to be clickable. All songs that don't have lyrics when the info is synched, should have the "add lyrics" button available to be used. I have the lyrics, and not having the option to implement it when it was stated I could, is a letdown. Only thing stopping me from getting the subscription. Good

I don't mind with other features. I just love this so much now that musixmatch has all lyrics from my favorite artist's songs (which some of the song weren't even recognized before) Marvelous

All type u get division. It's the best feture It gives too much promotion for upgrade to pro. Worth a go!

HELP! For some reason since my phone updated my headphones sound like they would in a call. The problem is only in this app which is sad since its my main music player Awesome

Simply awesome. Helps me learn Hindi too far.But no replies are given for any reports about the lyrics. Need to reply to their users. Good

recent updates are great! i just hope that there'll be an update soon that will let us sync lyrics on the floating tab without much hassle. premium user for about a year now and I'd say that it's really worth it! Marvelous

This is definitely shazam and iTunes baby. This app is AMAZING! I LOVE IT. I just started using but I'm in love. It has lyrics to even my local Nigerian songs. Just WOW. Fantastic

My favorite music player because it has lyrics to almost every song. Now, ads pop up EVERYWHERE. Each time I click something, an ad pops up. And not only this, but it keeps crashing every 10 minutes. Good

Since last few updates ... Once a good music app has been completely ruined. The interface is more complicated. Hopefully future updates will make the interface and look much more appealing. Fantastic

Annoying ads ruined this app without being able to pay to remove there is no way to fix this Surprisingly

Hey, Can't I subscribe by paying through some other means of pay? Do I have to use Google play only? Muito bom!

This app is getting better and better. I have been using this from like 3-4 years and no problems at all except ads...I was also in the beta program and everything I suggested is now in there. Thanx Musixmatch Team for making such a good app. Well done!!

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