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Really useful app, I love it! But I cannot give more than 3 stars because most of the lyrics are out of sync.. I've seen I can send a feedback if the lyrics is worng/out of sync but they take a long time to fix it. It's gonna be probably the best music app, but they firstly need to fix this problem Brilliant

App needs an update. Music player doesn't appear when I open the app. It appears only after restarting the app multiple times Great!

#oneplus5t. Is there any option to add folders in blacklist. All my call recordings are part of my song list and I can't help myself much on it. Choosed an alternative player. Superb!

A lot of the time the lyrics are not in sync and there is no way of manually syncing them yourself for personal use. Fantastic

I can't create any lyrics card because it wouldn't let me pick a lyric. please fix Muito bom!

Its Awesome app Auto lyrics Catcher works great and Interface is also adorable. GJ Surprisingly

Need a feature to easily turn off and on lyrics from the player screen of the app. It gives better look with image of artist ( while connected to net) or album art( offline) while not want to see the lyrics. Enjoy it!

This update sucks The white theme the new appearance all sucks return it to the old version Great job

My app has suddenly stopped working. I had clicked on the contribute option, after that the app completely stopped working. It does not respond, it has frozen. Otherwise, it has been a very good app and I was very satisfied with its performance. I'm probably going to reinstall now. But please fix this problem as soon as possible. Amazing!

Had the app for years. Love the lyrics cards. Place your lyrics on any background you choose. If there are no lyrics, use the ' Search the web facility' or you can add them yourself, which is contributing. I only use musicmix for Spotify. I can't recommend this app enough. I used the free version until recently, then premium to save lyrics for off line listening. This app has loads of features you just need to explore & stop whinging over a free app. Top work guys, the progression of this app is brilliant. A lot of hard work has gone into making a good functioning lyrics app. Thanks Fantastic

When I use 'identify lyrics' and then open it (the lyrics), the timing isn't matched with the music and when I'm scrolling it down to the supposedly part, it will keep going back up. Or is this problem only happen in my phone? 5 star

I love this app. I have been using it since it first came around. I must say you guys have developed it into a great application. The current UI is awesome and represents one of the best in the market. It is exceptionally good at identifying songs. Just one thing please tell me how do I select multiple lines as quotes in lyricscard. :p Enjoy it!

Iam undownloading this app because it randomly pops up adverts on your phone screen, even when your not using it. Can use Google to search lyrics if I really wanted to, because this app doesn't work on WiFi Highly Recommend.

Before was great and now is good not bad but I still love this app so I think next update will be perfect why not every song can find lyrics in this app we need all the songs please.... and we need background the lyrics is better from this the oldest was good thanks and regards. Perfect

The App was better before. Now it is consuming much power. and my One Plus 3 heat's up quickly. Please Fix any bug related to power. overall it is okay. though previous versions were much better Brilliant

The app has some great feature.. But it has bugs. Why you should use it: This app can show lyrics of most languages. I've tried 3 different languages. This smoothness isn't found on other music apps of this category. Why you shouldn't use it: 1. I've found playlist tab, but there're no option to add a song into the playlist. 2. The app has too much ad. wow lol

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Great musical experience! Just want a "ads to favourites" button on lock screen. Also, i am unable to add a track to favourites, just because track info is not available! Plz work on that! Pretty good

After the last update, the app has been running much better than before, it's not so buggy as it was. I like that update of environment and update of the overall look. I haven't found any problems till this day. Marvelous

I hate the new update of this app, i can't save for offline lyrics by watching ads again,and the lyrics aren't syncing very well. Flawless

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