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Hallo i have a question if its possible please make a task bar to send some request for language translation becuse some sont dont have translat or at all not compelet or thats have a falsh meaning specially for persian language thank you Highly Recommend.

Floating lyrics not working, floating lyrics working only on youtube.fix it. Upgraded to premium,even though floating lyrics not working,it seems you people are not bothered about user complaint. You should fix it Flawless

It won't let you see the full lyrics anymore. If a song is synced up it'll just show the lyric it on and won't let you see the full song. It's frustrating especially when I just want to read the lyrics. Enjoy it!

Okay. The lyrics work well and help me a ton when I can't understand what the singer is saying. Thanks for that. And the auto tag feature works well. However, the notifications are irritating, and the pop up lyrics are also annoying. The little button should appear instead of the lyrics appearing by default when a song is detected. The lyrics sometimes sync with what your are listening to, sometimes it just displays the lyrcis in a list as if it didn't know the timing although it did last the previous time on the same song. It's also nagging when it asks you about your feelings about a song. I don't mind the little upgrade button, but this message covers a significant portion of the lyrics and is just there as a form of psychological punishment for being stingy and not buying the subscription, I'm convinced. Muito bom!

Es una buena app, pero no me gusta que te aparezcan automáticamente las letras porque estorban mientras manejo... love it

Consumes way too much data, which is incompatible with the task it performs (downloading a few dozen lines of text every 2 mins) Works perfectly

I like the app a lot; there is lyrics in many languages. The only thing is it doesn't easily identify a song. Omg

I hate white colors at the black can u please change it to any color not just white. Must have

This is the best app for lyrics hence I've paid for the full version. It would be even better if it could be made compatible with Amazon Music too though. Recommend

Since the UI changes a lot of stuff are with bugs. First rotate screen produce current lyric lost, the message 'oops blabla appears'. Second the syncing gets completely wrong when you turn off/on screen. It is a real pain that is always scrolling to a wrong place. If that is so bad implemented the option to disable it should be present. Perfect!

Really solid app but the way the blue questionnaire keeps popping up consistently and interrupting the flow lyrics pisses me off. Pretty good

La mejor opción como reproductor, por favor eliminen el molesto aviso para activar el bloqueo de pantalla. Muchas veces no es útil cuando yá tienes uno. Muito bom!

Don't understand why I can't edit info of some audios, it shows an error saying the file is malformed but it plays fine Not bad

Why is it my lyrics were gone after I updated the app? Im a premium user pls need ur help... Surprisingly

Everything if fine but whenever I edit any downloaded song's info, an error occurs while playing that song and I can't even play that song on other apps also. Please help. Amazing!

All was good buat sometimes the lyrics not at the same time with music but its okey because we can fix it i think you have to make a theme of a colour and its can be very nice btw good job!!! Well done for 2017 you gus make a nice style i luv it good job again Pretty good

Masih banyak lirik yang belum tersinkron, kadang lebih cepat, kadang lebih lambat Works perfectly

What have you done with the new update? Every 5mins even when i'm listening to songs it asks login or sign in.. this have been my favorite app ever and I'm using it on a regular basis but this annoys me a lot so i have to uninstall it.. hope u'll fix it soon then I'll come back... Brilliant

Every song lyrics ,lyrics translation, song original album cover and many other things you should go for it Just wow

App is good, but Punjabi language is indicated with Pakistani flag while Script is Indian, please show Punjabi as Indian Language, it is written in India not Pakistan! Great job

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