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Really useful because I can never remember lyrics to any songs xD It's great that I don't have to awkwardly search for the lyrics, they'll just pop up for whatever song I'm playing! 5 star

It's a cool app! Very few songs will be there for which you won't find the lyrics . One problem with this is that the app icon keeps on popping up all the time. It's a bit annoying.otherwise great app! 5 star

Why the floating lyrics can't work properly ? Last time when i used old version thats so easy to sync with the other music player .. please fix this ! Pretty good

If i could save lyrics offline i would have rated 5 stars,but sorry after update i could not save the lyrics so 4 star. However its indeed a good apps Perfect

With the latest update i can only select a single line to create a lyrics card... that's very annoying and doesnt make any sense..!!! Omg

It would have been a pefect app if we could download lyrics and use it offline. At least you can add a feature where contributors, after reaching a definite amount of points, can download the lyrics and can enjoy some paid features. You guys are trying hard to improve your app and I really appreciate that. And I've another suggestion for you, when you bring any change in the lyrics, the previously done translations of that particular lyrics disappears. So you should notify the translator of that song that some changes have been made in the song where he has translated the lyrics, so you can request them to contribute there again. All in all it's a great app. I don't know whether you're gonna see this or not but I will be very happy if you make these changes. Fabulous!

Needs fixing. When I switch from portrait to landscape it gives me the "we don't have these lyrics" thing when clearly I was just looking at them. This have been a problem in the last couple of months. Also when I update/ correct lyrics for songs the lyrics never change. Using on LG V20 Marvelous

Since it's updated, i miss the shuffle of pictures of artist/singer on musixmatch. So please bring back because this is awesome than the current one that never shuffles the picture of a artist/singer. Go well

Nice app, but too many ads and spam. Also, recognition of currently playing song in Spotify doesn't work without floating bubble enabled all the time, which is not nice if you want to use it just sometimes for one song only Works perfectly

Overall good but better if I could resize the lyrics while the song is playing. Most lyrics half a second over sync with YouTube and Spotify Well done!!

Simply awesome, 99 percent of time spot on lyrics, really happy with it and would definitely refer everyone to use it love it

Create lyrics card always freezes, and when I exit the app won't load. This is so frustrating. I'm subscribed 1 year. Also, please review lyrics reported as being wrong. So many lyrics with wrong grammar, punctuations and such. And it's written in the very rule of adding lyrics but it's violated. People just add lyrics without really checking, just to earn points. It's so annoying. I really love this app but can be better. Must have

I will give the 5 stars if create lyrics card can select more lyrics like older version. :( Go well

When is the lyrics sync coming for amazon music in India? I can see the lyrics of the songs but its not synced Good

The only thing I want to be Improved in this app. 1. Should be playing continuously in the background even the App is closed on the open tabs. 2. Should have a Night mode/Dark mode all over the app (not just on lyrics screen) 3. Floating Lyrics should be accessible to the App itself. I realized the Floating Lyrics doesn't open when playing on the App itself, that is really inconvenient because I only want to use this app not anything else. Some bugs, the Lyrics stop syncing when the Music repeat playing. This is an Old bug. Please Fix it. Other than that Great app with Lyrics. Recommend

Too many friggin ads !!! This was a really good app and I've been with it from it's very start. Now you guys have become very greedy and we're tormented by these ads. Highly Recommend.

It's definitely the best lyrics app you have around. Just one issue... When I play songs from my Jio music app, musicxmatch shows the lyrics of some songs but not all of 'em.. Please fix this issue.. Thank you Good

1. Musixmatch asks for Spotify connection to sync INDIAN SONGS, which is not available in INDIA. Adding Google play music support would be helpful along with Spotify. 2. Changing album cover replaces artists's info and album artist's info with the artist's info of first track of the album. *TOO SERIOUS BUG*. 3. The app is couldn't fetch one profile picture, even after me linking my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Amazing!

Guess its oke but really hate how lots of apps, including this one, needs to bleed money with the terrible subscriptions. If it was a 1 time payment i would have bought it to support it but now they will get nothing from me. Patched the ads with luckypatcher. Brilliant

Unable to select the text of my choice while creating the lyrics card, the bounding handles don't appear even after long tap while selecting the text. Please fix this. Awesome

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