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App is good can be a little clunky to get the over screen icon up. Sometimes requires reloading whatever music app you are on to finally open. Asides from that it's a great app. The adds are minimal and it works conveniently. Muito bom!

Love seeing the lyrics flow, understanding the songs better. Using it on my Android phone and PC Go well

One of my favourite app in Android platform...loved it from the day I started using it.... Highly Recommend.

It's awesome , are you need to find lyrics, don't worry about that , because everything with this app. I love it . Thank for made it .. keep it developing Superb!

Keren ni aplikasi suka banget ngutip lirik Good

It's absolutely amazing. Anytime I'm listening to a song I can just check the lyrics if I want to sing along. And with Shazam it's even better. Find a song then find the lyrics. I think that Shazam and musixmatch compliment each other well Works perfectly

its amazing to find out lyrics in several languages. hope that it's update version will be more insane in future ✌✌✌ Pretty good

I use it to identify the songs I hear on radio, what it does very well, and I love being able to check the lyrics Fantastic

Love the app and how well it blends with the phone. It like the upgraded version of Shazam. Everything you need in a lyric app. Just perfect. Awesome

The previous version of this app was better than this new version.It's not comfortable,covenient,easy as the previous one.I did not like this new update. love it

One of th best music app south there . Keep up the good work and go Music X Match Good

One year subscription for a small amount! It saves me a lot of time searching and savings lyrics that i love. 5 star

Muy buena aplicacion, no tengo ninguna queja, solo deberia deberian de activar alguna opcion para que cambie de blanco a negro la portada principal. Pero sin duda esta excelente la App Well done!!

Best app to you lyrics !! It's so useful, easy to use and also Free!! It's available for IOS and android But the new update is alittle bit bad. So i would recommend the old version. Fabulous!

It does some weird stuff like showing lyrics for a video without songs when watching some YouTube videos sometimes. Overall the app is fine Enjoy it!

Floating Lyrics work fine. Issue: On android devices you can't connect your account to Spotify; I tried it on my IPhone and works perfectly fine. Please fix this issue. Fantastic

I previously had a negative review for this app but honestly I'd say they really stepped up their game! Even purchased a year sub. because it's that worth it now. Flawless

I'm installing this after 4 years. I'm just flabbergasted with completely revamped UI. More sort of Material Design with great customisations. I completely love it. Apparently, I'm gonna make this as a driver app for music. Thank you developers for providing such an enticing UI. Could've been even better if there was background play despite closing in recent app section. wow lol

Biggest lyrics catalog that you can find. Super simple to use and extremely handy. Only drawback is that there's no option to disable the lyrics from following along to the song. Perfect

I love this app.But there is a problem that is bugging me,sometimes when i open the floating lyrics and try to play music on my spotify, sometimes the floating lyrics crashes,i dont know why if my phone is the problem of this crash or the app itslef so please fix that,im so annoyed that i it always crash the floating lyrics. Brilliant

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