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I would have given 5 stars but it has many ads and runs in the background so i gave 4 star. Cool

it has almost every lyrics. that's why I like this and I am using this from last 2 years Worth it!

If we cannot resync by the server, at least let us resync manually, only the moment we hear the song. And have to do it again n again. Worth a go!


5 star

Needs an option to switch off. Pops up randomly even if no music is being played. Had to uninstall. Even putting the app to "sleep" doesn't seem to work. S8+ Go well


This is an amazing app . Definitely worth downloading!! It plays with all my music apps such as google play and spotify ! The lyrics are perfect and they have good features such as the lyrics can come up on the lockscreen . Plus hardly any ads! Worth a go!

Worth a go!

It often crashes now. Also, I hope they would put a function of being able to search for a song and it will still play along with other tracks. What happens is when you search for a particular song, it will be the only song playing Good

Its a good app. I wont deny it. However there is a slight problem occur where the saved song sound kinda corrupted and glitching in certain verse. You cant disturb queen's song while its on, you just dont. Hope there will be improvement in the future about this matter. -premium user Great job

Works great

Not bad

Not bad

It's a great app and easy to use. I have been using it for a few years now and through every update but recently the app seems to have too many ads in inappropriate places e.g while following the lyrics the ads just make it so hard to see the lyrics on full screen. Okay yeah ads are necessary for income but why on the lyrics page. Maybe just put ads on the main menu then when it comes to the lyrics let the app do its intended purpose. Great job

There's room for a lot of improvement. If you like japanese music, forget romanji: there's no way to set it. If you listen to music in different languages, it will translate then to your primary language for some reason. It's terribly distracting. There's little to no customization to how the lyrics are shown. They can't be centered or customized in color or size. Flawless



Well done!!

I really love this app. Its so funny when you and your friends are singing in the car, they are saying all kinds of wrong words. You have all the words right in your hand in seconds. Plus the song ID, love it. Surprisingly

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