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Musicmatch + Spotify are the best... I totally love it ❤ I changed from 5 Perfect

i cant find the "scan library" option. the app only reads just a number of saved songs when i have 800 lol. i want to listen to all of my saved songs with the lyrics the reason why i subscribed to your premium offer. please tell me how to fix this. thanks Worth a go!

There should be an option that let the user manually choose the lyric on the floating lyrics, as long there are some music's on Spotify that this app will simply not detect. Surprisingly

Please adding an multiple choice function for selecting songs to playlist!the playlist I edited will be completely removed everytimes I connected to PC to rearrange the files from my SD card, even I updating this app, it still happen. Works great

Being a foreigner, I always struggled at lyrics. MUSICMATCH IS THE BEST. I now contribute to a lot of songs without translations..great app, my default player on all my mobile devices. Surprisingly

Editing This is the best part of this app u can make it original looking by editing and add its thumbnail loved it thanks to musixmatch Well done!!

This app is very good, but I'm still waiting for an option to store lyrics locally. It would be perfect. Brilliant

It's a good app but why does the app doesn't show the lyrics for Korean songs? Please explain why and how to fix it. Thank you Marvelous

Not working I have to go into a who other app?? Seriously! Too much of my time yo! :-!:'(=_=(TT) Fabulous!

ads with no offline lyrics... this is really bad.... if you are giving too many ads then atleast let us save the lyrics offline.... that'd be really helpful... and then I'll give it perfect 5 stars.... Recommend

It's actually a good app.... except it's annoying when you enable the lyrics. When you play a song, the lyrics of that song pops up EVERYWHERE. Other than that, it's an awesome app. Marvelous

For some songs this app don't have lyrics and it is not allowing to add lyrics manually. It is showing some message on the screen. Highly Recommend.

Superb... Especially for English... We are a foreigner and have learned English to some extent, and are hearing English songs, with musixmatch and Lyrics... enJOY plus Go well

The dev really are listen to feedback, my first ever purchase of anything from google play Amazing!

Awesome! But cast button is missing in my Mi Max 2 and how could I make to get that cast button? Recommend

Best music player for lyrics and compatibility with Google Home and other critical Android apps. Enjoy it!

More than the lyrics sync, I like MusixMatch as a player!! This has been my default music player for more than 3 years!! Its EQ and Sound effects are TOP CLASS and the best I have ever used!! The 3D Effect is just WOW!! Turning it on takes you to some other world.. Set 3D Effect to 70% & Bass Boost to 50% with flat EQ.. Then you will see the magic! But it also depends upon the audio driver your mobile has!! Older snapdragon chipsets & customised audio like Moto may ruin the output.. But I use a Mi phone(which has the best audio output) combined with Sennheiser earphones and I'm in for a magical ride!! Enjoy it!

Falta um equalizador mais estável e poderoso. Falta a opção de escolher maus partes das letras de música ao invés de só 4 linhas. It lacks a powerful equalizer. When selecting a part of the lyrics you want to share, you can only pick 4 sentences, that's too bad. Resolve it. Surprisingly

Im very glad that this player is exist in the world. The best music player i ever had with spotify integration. But when i use headphone, and double press to earphone's button to choose next music, it can't go to next song. And i suggest musixmatch to add functionality to press triple time button to go to previous music / repeat the song. double press and hold to front seek music and triple press and hold to seek back music. Then i'll give 5 star to this app. I realy hope that you guys will hear this Worth a go!

Great App But Not All Songs Lyrics Found Only Hit Songs Lyrics Found All Songs Lyrics Should Be There No Matter What The Reason Is....!!! ;) Fabulous!

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