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Don't remember why I got it in the first place, I think it was for an alternative music player to play music but even though I don't use it as a music player the floating lyrics feature is so useful that it puts this in my necessary app list. Cool

Well, where can i begin? This app went from my fav to my worst, the free part is so terrible, not everyone can afford to pay for this stuff, you can't even make proper lyricscard with the free mode. Unfair Good

its too good....this update is very much turn on data conection and open a music nd turn off data connection... you can see every song lyrics without this app Flawless

Hey it'd be really awesome if y'all could let us use gallery photos and edit the text on the lyricscard, you guys have nice fonts and backgrounds but we can't edit the text or the background images. Please take this suggestion into consideration!! Worth a go!

This is a good app for the lyrics, but a joke to pay to stop the ads. Once you do, they replace each ad with a dumb question about how the lyrics make you feel. Just keep the ads.... better! Superb!

Awesome, but really buggy with Google Play music, I mean, it showes me lyrics and when I start another song - it still shows the ones on the previous song.... Also, It is a bit late or early depending on the song rather than being on time, which is kinda of annoying, so... yeah. Nevertheless this is a eeally cool app. Really original idea. Works perfectly

Overall Awesome app The only problem I'm experiencing is that it keeps shutting down for no reason. I was just checking for an update now to see if it was available, because I was hoping that would fix the problem. Everything else is 100% just this one problem. Fix this and 5 stars is what you'll get wow lol

The best music player. But the new lock screen isn't ​good because there is no seekbar. And the app lags a little. love it

Top notch Lyric finder. And if you notice a typo or see it's scrolling out of sync, you have a whole community that's actively watching for reports so that we can fix it up for you. (myself included) Well done!!

Its Great help but seriusly the Adds are annoying. If it cant be remove can it please be alittle small? Its occupying a lot of screen space. love it

Okay so I am gutted I'm having to delete this app, if the developer can help me, please do.... but I am deleting because it is CONSTANTLY popping up on top of what I am doing. It covers the screen up and even though I drag it away to close it you can bet it opens up again On top of the screen. Even if no music is playing. It's really annoying.... especially if you're in an app such as mobile banking because as soon as this opens.... you get booted out of the app because it has to remain On top and as soon as musixmatch opened that's it! Please please help me out here. I want the app, I just don't want it taking over and popping up constantly. Good

there's something wrong with this app when i click on translate button there's no translate shown? i don't know why because it used to be translating before fix it please Works great

I don't usually review apps but when I do it's for an app that deserves 5 stars. No problems at all the premium version works like a charm although it used to have a few issues when I would vote for lyrics in the previous version of the app. That aside this app is the best music player, meta-data editor and lyric provider. Thanks for your hard work to all the devs. Go well

I've been using musixmatch since 2 or 3 years ago. Lately i discover that i can't play m4a file type. I use to be able to play m4a's song. Please fix it. I'm dissapointed cause musixmatch was the only player that i like Perfect

Its a really good app but it definitly needs its tweaks. It's fast and acurate at figuring out the song thats currently playing off your phone. It needs its own built in player or just visit the app when your song is playing. This always on top bubble is whats really killing it. Its a feature that usually gets an app quickly deleted for me. The always on top is intrusive, keeping the app in a small window that stays on screen infront of whatever your doing. Closing the app player doesnt remove the always on top bubble. Only disabling the app from application manager closes the app outright... untill it finds music playing again... its not an app that needs to be there in the back ground 24/7.... its not an antivirus... the app should run when i request it to... Big swing and a miss in my books but alot better then what else is out there Fabulous!

Used to love this app but after the update I can't even close the ads. DO I REALLY HAVE TO PAY FOR NO ADS SERIOUSLY?? The 'x' button always redirects to the premium payment hhh. Please at least let us free players close the ad after 3-5 seconds cuz it's annoying af. Highly Recommend.

Issue with LyricsCard The lyricscard on my app looks really awesome and all but there is a problem.. When i hit quote the lyrics pop up for only a second and i dont get to change which lyrics im quoting... If this issue can be fixed id like it to be... I want to be able to post lyrics to social media... Not bad

I wanted to use this as an alternative to the spotify player because it keeps crashing. It's more stable that the official spotify app, but cannot use offline playlists. Uninstalled. Brilliant

Perfect music and lyrics app. Being a dancer I want this kind of app. Bt please work on adds, it's annoying! love it

Superb... Especially for English...As a new learner of English... and are hearing English songs, with musixmatch and Lyrics... Just do one thing: the ads are just too much and super annoying... reduce it... just to take a corner of musixmatch not middle... Must have

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