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Although the app has become faster, New look is not enjoyable. There is so much white in it. Pretty good

I like the way you show the lyrics, so beautiful, easy to favourite songs, the new make me so fresh Recommend

Cool UI! It looks more like the Apple Music app but it looks clean and great. Keep up. Brilliant

New design looks great although I would rather double tap the lyrics to switch between full or compact lyrics instead of changing the size of the "window" (maybe add an option to choose what double tapping does?) And the "X" that shows up when you expand the Floating Musixmatch "M" should stay on the same side instead of going to the left side like it always does now. Other than that the app is looking great. Good job :) Flawless

1)Submitting lyrics hsnt b easy for all songs. providing lyrics in different language is also a good option. 2)Help menu should be elaborate. 3)Profile mainted by musixmatch Should be clear in app itself. 4)Timer near music playbar is required . For example time elapsed and time left while playing music. 5)click on the lyrics should play the song frm dr 6)auto scan of library needed. . Prob: synched music ask again for synchorisation. Updated the wrong lyrics but refresh to older wrong lyrics aft a day Amazing!

I really don't like the newest update. It was really unique before this update. I think that this is a serious backwards step. I didn't pay for the clean look, I am paying for the unique Musixmatch look. It's to bright, if you insist on change make it so that the veteran users can change the them back to what it was, then everyone can be happy Fabulous!

Customization of floating lyrics is great we can store the lyrics offline too by watching an ad. reduced one star bcoz before there were no ads..and we could still have floating lyrics offline. Marvelous

I always love this app. but the white theme is kinda bugging me though. I have sensitive eyes and for some reason looking at it for long irritates my eyes a dark theme would be nice Enjoy it!

The app is great but the app needs to be more functional in terms of a music player. Improve the Lock Screen. Add the feature of gap less playback. Add Sorting Features in Playlists. Allow Backup and Restore Playlists. Improve and Add more Album Art features. The player should be able to automatically browse, download and apply the right Picture using Fuzzy Search Logic, something which Poweramp does amazingly well. love it

My main purpose for musiXmatch is for displaying floating lyrics because I use spotify. Now, after the update, it seems that it is a step back. Please bring back the transparency of floating lyrics because it is opaque now. Cool

Worked rather well! I listen to Death Metal and it isn't. Easy to find certain.songs and or whole albums! All good as far as Im concerned... Must have

Good music app that brings all music at one place. Shows lyrics and good User experience. One Star is less because it takes time to start initially with the splash screen and even hangs multiple time at start with ANR Highly Recommend.

The New 2017 Dec Upate is Seriously Very Attractive, You Guyz have made Best Mobile Music Player.. I wish There will be more option of viewing albumart in player, cheers!! Worth a go!

I must say, I absolutely LOVE the look of the new update. I think that ditching the lyric syncing would be a good idea because if it is out of sync at all, trying to keep it at the place you want it is a total uphill battle. The floating lyrics look so much more aesthetically pleasing now with this new update, and I rarely have any issue with the app, I am a huge fan, 5/5 from me Cool

Best music player amoung all players Lockscreen, lyrics playing, album art. special thing is this player is super simple and lightweight love this player but have only one problem which is It is hard to add songs to playlist, it is better if we can select multiple songs and add them to playlist at once. Thank you your team do a great job Flawless

I was using this app from very long, literally very long time, maybe 2 or 3 years but this got worst in last of some updates. Everytime I open app from the floating lyrics, lockscreen appears and something happens and sometimes lyrics are not visible in that white light of yours. This is the best app for music I ever found but you guys let me down. Great job

I really love this app! Been using this for years. Just a minor issue since I changed phone to Oppo the app is often lag and hang I dunno and the lyrics don't appear when I play on Spotify or any other music play unless I play it through the app. Pls fix this, this is not like this before.. but I still like it. Not bad

I absolutely love this app! The only down fall is every now and then it will pop up a little box that ask how you feel about the lyrics of the song. That's a little weird and annoying. Other than that it works great and is an awesome program! Fantastic

Amazing app. Best music app/lyrics. I just love this app. You guys are doing a great job. Belive me. But problem is with ads. Should be low ads even if i dont have a premium accout. However download this app and you will not regret o Just wow

I love the floating lyrics. Too bad the ads are so annoying, they blackmail you to buy the full version! Great!

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