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Your latest update sucks! Can't play spotify. And have some issues. Older version is much better. Fabulous!

The 7.0 redesign is amazing and fixes many problems I had before. Keep up the great work over there guys! Great job

Everything thing is good but there must be an refresh option for new added song in the playlist... I have downloaded some song but it is not appearing in this apps need to solve this... Must have

can you please add 'delete song' option when a song is playing without pressing back button.. im looking forward for it ☺️ Fantastic

Same as other comments, I hate the new look of this app there's too much white so please add some dark themes Muito bom!

Love the app! But the new design is really buggy. Synched lyrics with external players (YouTube, Play Music) aren't working anymore, and Split-Screen (Android 7/Nougat) isn't as good as before because the buttons use way too much space. Amazing!

Hello. I've been using this app for months now. It is a great app. But I had a problem on the recent update. My phone has a music player display on its lockscreen whenever music is playing (The display is on default). After I updated the app, I can't use the default lockscreen music player anymore. It doesn't function but it's still on display. I tried using my phone's built-in music player and it's perfectly fine. But when I use this app, it doesn't function. I hope you address this issue. I use Oppo A37f. Thank you. Not bad

The new look feels good at first but looks like its filled too much with white. Please add some dark themes and I don't like the consistent upgrade to premium on my Now Playing screen. Its really annoying for many users. Great job

Background colour(white) is so annoying old version colour is way batter than this new version Give us opp'tion on back ground colour this white background colour is not Good for Eyes wow lol

I love this music player with lyrics. I can create lyrics card and share it on Facebook and other social media apps. I think it would be better if the devs can add light/dark theme option. Muito bom!

New look is really good. I loved it.But in the previous one whenever i use to restart my phone the playlist was getting deleted please fix it. i hope it will not happen in this update. Enjoy it!

Im really liking it but with the new 7.0 update there's no black background, please bring that back! Cool

Greatest app EVER!!! I love it before, now I love it even more. Its interface it's BEAUTIFUL! Now we can choose the FloatingLyrics window and the color scheme is soooooo good. Well done, Musixmatch! It's perfect. Great!

New design definitely so good looking, it feels so smooth and material designed, the color is vibrant and so clam in the eye. The floating lyrics is Very neat and clean. Good job. Keep doing it. Well done!!

Excuse me.. would somebody please tell me how to make lyricscards on the new update?? Can't find the option.. help plz.. Omg

Too many ads.... Can't even see lyrics because of ads. Lyrics doesn't scroll down properly with song. Just wow

I like it, Awesome with new look, Nice Job But, please add more setting to change font layout in floating lyrics and please disable "X" button in bottom floating lyrics, its annoying, but overall i'm very like it Works perfectly

للاسف... الاعلانات داخل البرنامج مزعجة جدا وتجعل البرنامج لا يطاق وطريقة عرض كلمات الاغاني غير جميلة بهذا الإصدار ..بالإصدارات الأقدم كانت اجمل حيث أن 6.0.2 كان طريقة عرض الكلمات اجمل وأفضل Flawless

Miss the old floating lyrics, the new update for floating lyrics didn't fit for me. Can u bring back the option for old floating lyrics dev? By the way the update for the app is good. Amazing!

Everything is perfect but the main problem is I cannot minimise it by S Pen (Note8) Go well

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