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Please please! Still needs OFFLINE SAVING for all lyrics and more fluid UI. Also needs support for more file formats like aac.

Not bad The app has potentials and its great but theres still SO MANY BUGS to fix.. All these bugs are annoying at times.. The app cant run that smooth, its unstable, sometimes the music just stopped for no reason, notification is laggy, and sometimes I started the app but after 5 seconds it stopped responding and wont change no matter how many times I killed the app's services.. PLEASE FIX ALL THIS. Thumbs up for the equalizer btw..

Cool app Most effective lyrics management, cool interface, good library handing...keep it up...

Nicely Done !!!! Best Musid App Ever !! The lyrics came up accurately. Even for japanese songs, but you need to make a new feature like alternative lyrics, because some song (esp. Japanese ones)which is always come up with Hiragana/Kanji cant be readed by some people and that would make this useless because we cant search another lyrics. Thats it from me, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!! and remember NEVER RUIN YOUR APP WITH COUNTLESS ADS. I know Ads are the one who made this app free but be reasonable, otherwise people will uninstall your app.

Good With great equalizer but some problems . the art takes approx 3 seconds to load. You scroll down wait again. Scroll back up wait again. I want it to load faster like dsfsult player and once it loads it doesn't have to reload if you scroll up or down in albums section . also the albums show only 2 in each row I would like 3 or 4 make it an option in settings. With only 2 I have to scroll a lot and wait for album cover to load. It is almost making me leave the app. Please fix.

Best music player in android ! Loved It.!! The complete package. I had tried and uninstalled pretty much all the players.. But you beauty!

Great app but one request.. I am having an android phone of version 4.0 that's why I am unable to use your 'vocals remove' feature please make an update for this feature to work on android version 4.0 and I would definitely give you 5 stars

Like the moon with ever increasing craters This app is an epitome of music player+lyrics, with an extensive and easy to handle UI but lacks to fulfill the basic necessity of such an app. In most of the cases the lyrics aren't synced and in some, they are totally different than the song despite the correct metadata. Moreover, the user doesn't have an option of uploading a lyrics or amending the existing one.

Nice app, but... Really nice lyrics and metdata support, along with a beautiful GUI. But there are a few inconsistencies. I couldn't find any way to go back to my library other than relaunching the app. Also, playback stops if I remove it from the recent apps list even though it has a notification running. Hope these will be fixed on later versions.

Love this app. Excellent music player with beautiful ui. A problem I see though is that when you slide the cover art to change songs, it doesn't take into account that you have it on shuffle. Also speaking of cover art, it would be nice if it was an option to fit the whole thing on the screen. Other than that great app!!

Awesome App Easily the best Music player I've used. Used it when I had my Z1, am using it on my S5 now. Sadly it has been crashing quite often since the last update

Exceptionally good Usually I didn't comment much unless I liked it or I hate it. There are some really cool features but I liked the most is selection option music fx or xmatch eq. Most of top music player comes with their own eq they claim that this r the best but the truth is its worse I always use my system fx which is V4A FX + V4A XHIFI

Great App but.. It has always been my favorite app for music mainly because of great lyrics support but earlier due to bad UI I had to use Google play music for normal usage and use lyrics from it. But after the complete UI change app has turned into my favorite but still there are some UI glitches.. Sometimes it would cause issue in scrolling and opening app for the first time is slow.. Other than that awesome app.

Superb music app I ever used.. This is the best music app I ever used. All the features are perfect and the lyrics,sing features are awesome and real fun... Loved it..

Little problems thats it.. Its cool but it doesnt play all songs and doesnt sync..... Even though "i likes it" ^_^ Please fix the sync. With the new update. No lyrics are synced

Cool I love the app. UI is really good but I wish it could read the lyrics embedded in some of my mp3 files including synced ones. Also cool features like fade-out-fade-in and silence cut could be added. And also to save downloaded lyrics to a music file

Great improvement but still some gaps! Good to see such great improvement compared to last time.Also,please look into those not really popular but nice songs.Lastly,if the lyrics are not authorised please look for alternative.Hope to see more features in the future.. Recommend to take musiXmatch Music Player Lyrics APK.

#internet-radio Awesome! This app is so amazing I really loved it, has all the lyrics and offers discography lyrics ! It even recognises songs on the radio ! I'm very impressed.. Keep it up

...! A fine app and may be the best music player... But it does not combines with my default music player which is a big problem... Please resolve. Recommend to install musiXmatch Music Player Lyrics APK.

Awesome app!!!! No wonder, it's a great app, way better than ever before, but I would really love to have some customizable backgrounds or skins,. Recommend to take musiXmatch Music Player Lyrics APK.

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