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Simply put ... It's the best music player I've used till date The UI is good... The tag editing is even better... Looks good feels good and I simply love the onscreen lyrics... Simple. Powerful. Awesome.

Suggestions The feature of this app is good buh not awesome coz it does not recognizes all language songs if you can add this feature it will the best thing of this app so for now only 4 stars

Love the new version Few suggestions: 1.swipe gesture to edit playlist search to search album art3.wht i m listening to post on fbk google+ 4.more option to sort songs by alphabetical order with A to Z shwing by one corner 5. To search on home screen without going to search botton just by typing like u write A it wl find out album artist playlists starting wth A 6. Sleep mode is a must. I was a user who had left musixmatch and was using google play music. After this update i m making it my default player.

Dis is almost dat Best music application I got so far has everything I need except it doesn't allow you download new music you find through the application only allows a weak preview and some times you must sync lyrics to songs when these problems r fixed I'll give 5 star

Great It's such a great app. Every single song is available and the features are really great. When I open walkman, it appears with the lyrics

Superb! But... ... Give the dark theme too. White is just stabbin' my eyes in the night! Also, there should be an option to select music folders on sdcard. The good things: I'm glad that there is possible to customize 'My Music'. And the equalizer is for free now! Personally I think that this is the best free music player for Android... Except the things I pointed out in the beginning.

Perfect! This is the best app for music lyrics and more. Thanks to the developers. One of the top apps of its kind. Give it a try, you will be satisfied with the overall design of this well done app. A must have for the music lover!

New update bug I dont understand, in the latest update i cant manage my playlist from musixmatch, it only can be done by stock player, please fix this

Best Music Player ever I have always loved Musixmatch and their so-much-better-than-other's UI. Each and every feature is great and works extremely well. I have just one small complaint and that is that it force closes a lot especially when doing things too quick. But otherwise this is the best music player ever.

Before I rated this app a 3 Since update it is now the only lyrics music player app I use. Before it was just OK and it didn't contain lyrics for much of my songs but now has lyrics for just bout all my songs and I have about 5000 songs. Only thing now is I'd like to see a feature to copy some of the lyrics to post on Facebook as a photo something similar to Tunewiki 's lyric art feature then this app would be above and beyond! And your floater feature is awesome thumbs up to The brains who done thunk that feature up.

Interesting I was looking for a Shazam to find the lyrics also, however I found this app even better. The lack of one star is due to this app's data bank yet to be completed as rich as Shazam.

Suggest! The lyrics must be updated if someone who edited the lyrics. Coz in my case, it still the first published lyrics will show. So, please fix it and I will give 5. Thanks

Loved it Really good app...... It allows you to add lyrics to songs and also synchronise same with the song, really great work by musixmach, now they added widget on wall that shows lyrics that's awesome

Best.. Ya no doubt that it is the best media player with lyrics. But every time I clicked on Music ID it says MusicXmatch stopped working. Also needs more album art.. otherwise 5 star surely

Listed lyrics I'm not too keen on the floating lyrics. I prefer getting the lyrics in a list like it previously did in the notification bar.

Great music player I've only been using it for a few weeks but I've been very impressed so far. Nice options, lyrics option is effortless and very easy to use. A great option for my primary player for local content. Everyone should, at least, give it a try. It's fast, feels light weight, and plays well.

cool app its great!! it found about 99% of the lyrics, i love the music ID & the artist bio section!!! only one issue: stop the new lyric notifications please!!! its irritating!!!

Good app. This is a pretty good app. I listen mostly to underground music and the app could find a good amount of lyrics, even though many were not found. Another thing that bothers me is the monetization system. I would never pay monthly for an app like this. Had they offered a paid version of the app, with all Premium features included, I would have gladly bought it a long time ago. I think developers got greedy there.

Good overall The app is a good lyric app overall, but there are a few songs it shows the wrong lyrics too. Other than that, I'm completely satisfied with the app.

History Theres isnt a history tab anymore...If the history tab was still here I'd definitely have given it a five...all said this is still the best app I've downloaded....

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