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Super ,Excellent, I Love This App Not enough to say Any thing. But It have to improve in lyrics for all languages in the world because it don't showing lyrics to some albums of i had and in its design for skins to give a nice look of the app. It have improve more.

Just one thing needed The only thing I say is needed is that when you are looking at the song there should be a button at the top right that you can see full lyrics instead of changing it through the settings.

I wouldnt choose anything other than this It is just awsome and it even has lirycs of songs i never thought that this app would have everyone should have this app 5 stars right away

Please add "SAVE LYRICS" feature This is a very good app, I enjoy myself singing along with the synchronized lyrics but it's disappointing that I can't view the lyrics without Internet connection. I know it's possible because I've seen this feature on MIUI Rom's (XIAOMI) Music app.

Just pure awesome A bit laggy at time..developers plz fix dat apart from dat an awesome app.must have app for everyone and the music tracking is reall good better den shazam i feel

Great app Great app, it's so cool to have automatically the lyrics available for any song i'm listining to in just 1 click!! I love it! My only issue/question: why can't we have the synced lyrics available automatically? they only offer synced lyrics when you ask first to recognize the current playing song, Would be awesome to always have this possibility! thanks a lot for this great app anyway. EDIT: the last update just answered my request and it's now 10000 times better!

DONT UPDATE, SUX Minus 5★ IF YOU LIKED THIS WORKING WITH OTHER PLAYERS & THE SONG LYRICS IN NOTIFICATIONS WEN NO DATA CONECTION, DONT UPDATE. Its taken away all useful features & wen emailed for support they gave a link to site where customers help each other, it has @3million complaints already on it.i wish I never updated now its un install time

Need More Improvement Well i liked it, maybe this good music player in play store, but i think this app need more improve like delete wrong lyric or add lyric when u have lyric in file manager because sometimes lyric in musixmatch is not match or missing, maybe u can add option sort list like sort by filename, that all my review thank musixmatch i liked it

I paid for the equalizer but it is not available to use I paid for the eq and album cover but was not able to find the equalizer anywhere. I am using a bluetooth speaker with my galaxy note 10.1 2014 and the equalizer button is just no where to be found. I paid for nothing! Unacceptable!!! edit: I found the eq. you had to have the device in portrait to see it.

Almost, just make shuffle work!!! (Moto X 4.4.4) This app is truly the most aesthetically appealing music players I've used, and I've gone through all of them. However, the shuffle feature isn't working no matter how many times I turn it on and off. If you could fix that in the next update you'd most definitely get 5 stars, keep up the good work!

Probably the best. It says it's just a lyrics player, but it doesn't miss the core features of a good music player. By the way, it's the best lyrics player, and also it feels good to contribute by syncing songs. Wish we could improve the lyrics too.

Great But Small Problems It always gets stuck and freezes my phone but its an old phone so I don't completley blame the app...other than small problems its perfect for listening to music and looking at the lyrics. Could help to get more lyrics.

could be better used it there is problem in sleep timer not working properly. to start with this s app also requires lots of time to start which in today's competitive world is not possible

Good App indeed Nice App, but very annoyingly in your screen all the time. Should be able to minimize it as much as possible

Awesome Rated it 5 stars from 4 due to the ultimate update some weeks earlier. I would like to suggest improvements in regard with equalizer and to make this app a little low ram consuming.

The Best Music Player I am waiting for this kind of player,superb UI ,lyrics and the cool thing is that u can sing along.The best player in android.

Ultimate APP!!! Recent update had changed the whole outlook towards this app. This is much more than lyrics player for me now. My default music player forever

Still has doubts I've uninstalled this before due to auto shutdown issues. Keeping my fingers crossed that it wont happen again

Awsome Update The latest update is just amazing. Cool UI, easy navigation and drop down menus and overall classy touch. I used to use this app just for lyrics but I think its more than that from now on.

Perfect player It is the best player ever.with every thing you need for listening to music.and now with a new UI it would be much more lovely than ever

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