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Either pay or stay away. This app is amazingly handy, tho. My favorite music player only second to Samsung's, which also has its own shorrcomings. Either way, give this app a try, no reason not to. Well done!!

the new layout is annoying. it was so much better before with the floating orange circle. now it blocks all of my screen and I can't even reach the minimize button because it is way down near my "go back" button and whenever I try to minimize the window I just keep hitting go back button and exit whatever app I was on. Must have

I don't like the UI. I prefer 6.1.0 UI. The font is very important for me. I don't like it now. Better have option to choose own font like CALLIGRAPHY font. What's with the settings below? Why is it like iPhone? Really disappointed with it! What's with the UI guys? Everything I see in this UI is disappointing, from home page, settings, font, color, floating lyrics not working, everything!! Just wow

The idea of this App is good but the function is very bad. The lyrics are not properly synced and sometimes shows the lyrics of a different song. Needs some serious work. Enjoy it!

Doesn't recognize my playlists anymore. Can you stop complicating the app with things we don't ask for? I don't care about your internet connectivity social media agenda. I have my own songs and want to hear them. Stop robbing us of that simplicity. Amazing!

Best one among all in store. A year or couple of years before but now it's laggy and app opens up really slow. Yes you have lots of features but it's not fast as before and editing section information are not much as before. So please make it lighter and faster. 5 star

All was good. Except when it came upon with a new update.. Now this update had made my phone terribly Slow.. I am using Moto G5+ but i cannot imagine this app has gone such terribly bad with the recent update Must have

I don't know how can an app get worse after every single update. Really enjoyed the first versions.first of all make the lyrics fyll screen. Create a tab called recently played songs then maybe just maybe it will be really appreciable. Good

I've had the app for a long time and I always recommended it to my friends until the new software 5 star

It's good if what you are looking for happen to be lyrics to a song. But it could be better as a music player. Consider adding 'sort by' option when browsing in the music library. Some people want to sort by date or name or things like that. Pretty good

Have used this app since 2013. Thats when i wrote the first review. Had so many great things. Now ads are too annoying. UI is bad. Ad banners, ad popups cant even skip without waiting. I have recommended this app to many but not anymore. SOON to uninstall. My choice now? I'd much rather take google play music. love it

Love the app! But the new design is really buggy. Synched lyrics with external players (YouTube, Play Music) aren't working like they used to, and if you Split-Screen (Nougat) while a song it's playing, the app says there's no lyrics available for that song. Cool

Works well, but playlists keep disappearing, links up well with Spotify. Fix the playlist issue please. Also when trying to play an album, you cannot scroll to earlier tracks on the list. I have tried this on 2 different devices. It will only store 1 album in a queue which is also useless. Very disappointed with this upgrade which needs more work doing. Perfect!

Omg i love the newest update it looks very well developed,i jist wished you can play Spotify on it offline that would be very great.. also the feature for the floating lyrics that only shows the current lyrics playing is gone you'll need to scroll to see the lyrics, but overall this was a very great update and i hope it will only improve. Must have

I like this app very much. But the new update is laggy. So please fix that and the lockscreen doesnt work. I know there is another app for lockscreen i am talking about that only. Please fix. This was my favourite music player. Works great

I love the new version. But there are so much ads. It's so much annoying. Plz stop this annoying add. Fantastic

Wow this new update is awesome Change color and easy sharing find songs great.. I use this app from 2014 better response songs identify lyrics .. Love to musixmatch... Perfect identify listening music's... Enjoy it!

Why Fast forward option gone from the new version. And new version is very bright , it should be dark in which the banner or poster of the song should be clearly visible.. Only one thing is good that one line add is at the bottom of the screen and not interrupting the running lyrics... Perfect

The 7.0 update is really pleasing to the eye but I've noticed a bug where whenever I select a playlist or artist, the songs that were placed on top were blocked by the shuffle play button and option area and I couldnt see it no matter how much I scrolled up. I expected these bugs to happen since it's a new update, I understand but hopefully this can be fixed by then. Thank you.. wow lol

Sometimes when my full lyrics is on it won't be transparent, I want the full lyrics and compact size to have that transparent background. Also just a suggestion, allow us premium users to be able to change the font of the lyrics, colors of text, stuffs like those. Omg

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