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The only problem is that it consumes too much battery and the ads can be annoying at times, otherwise its a great app I love it. Surprisingly

Download itt! I use this app from last three years I love this app Best app for music & lyrics lovers Pretty good

Its the best music player... All i ever wanted... But.. The ads...otherwise 5 star

I like new design! For me, it's must have app for all devices! Best music player! Works great

I love this apps, but i like the recent one before this update. I think the menus that located in every corner (floating mode) are a bit annoying and inconvenient. Hope it would be changed soon Marvelous

Way to many ads! I would rather pay a one time fee for the app then a monthly subscription to get rid of them. Every time u switch songs there's a bunch of apps and questions pop up highly annoying Well done!!

Behaviour is really good , I think I had this from one year ago without updating but now , after updating new look is terrible in comparison with one year ago..... TERRIBLE.... Go well

this app is good but not all song can't found lyrics but this app still good for me so i give five star..(sorry for bad english) Recommend

When using the app offline please show the album art and not a purple background with the text "please check Internet connection..." Awesome

Scrolling is a little difficult, speciall going up than down, otherwise great app. Flawless

Its overall an awesome app. Just incredible. I guess u people know that I'm a user since 2013. When it got editor's choice. Well its awesome. But the new update is causing heating problems. After Fixing it would be awesome.just loving the experience Muito bom!

It's a great app to follow the lyrics of the songs you love. I've been using this app for quite some time now, I've just lost the device that i had it installed and now I'm downloading it once again. It's pretty useful for ESL students. Recommend

Great app, very easy to use and has all the lyrics for most songs. Just unfortunate that in the new update there's no lyrics cards. I always thought that that was a nice touch being able to make pictures with your favorite lyrics. Go well

Slowly, steadily and systematically won me over to their camp. Probably the best music player out there. After reading the other reviews feels like maybe because I subscribed. Just wondering how this could soon be a social media platform for music. Flawless

Used to be perfect. I don't use the floating lyrics thing but when I play songs from my Spotify if I click the notification for the song after it has started then the lyrics show the current position of the song briefly then scrolls back to the begining of the lyrics and restarts scrolling through them minutes behind. What's the point of the app if it does that. Great!

1. No Option to hide the translation. 2. Should add letters from the side so I can easily find the songs that I'm looking. Sliding seems to be so difficult especially if you have 3000+ songs. 3. They don't have lyrics for local songs and doesn't even give us an option to add lyrics. Fabulous!

hhIt's great and all, but with alot of bugs like "Selected Playlist is not set" or something like that, and the delay of pausing and playing in the widget. Please fix it and I will give you 5 stars Superb!

The app is the best but the floating lyrics always crash when ever it pops up in my music app player. Please you guys should try and fix this issue because I also experienced this in old phone but now I got a new phone and the issue still persist. Will be glad if this issue is fixed ASAP. Works great

Finaaaaally. You change that awful new lockscreen /.- . Thank you for letting me have back again my old but remastered lock screen. Its sooooo much better than the other one. Looks like the new design it's pretty but... White??? You just burn my eyes, just change the color please, anyway you're doing well again musixmatch, just color white it's the only problem. Omg

Version 7.0.1 To be honest, I'm a tad disappointed with the new update. First I love the new inclusion of the Community tab where one can review lyrics. Great idea. While it looks cleaner on the hand, I don't understand why it looks "IOSy". The Material Design doesn't stretch up to the notification tab and bottom screen buttons. No album cover art for songs anymore and the need to switch the opening layout from to white is a bit sad since it looked more beautiful with the purple and went with the orange-red logo better than with white. I'd also like to plead to make an optional dark screen since the new white layout is too bright in the dark and hurts the eyes. It would be also nice to bring back the automated Most Played section on the Playlist instead of merely picking up favorites and one can see their most played songs at the end of the year. Still the best on the Store tho. No arguments about that. Keep improving! Recommend

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