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This was the best app in the play store but then you guys updated it and removed the ability to make lyric cards and post to social media. By far the coolest add on feature plus it was free advertising for your brand. Please re add the feature and it will be 5 stars again. And get rid of the dumb surveys about how a song makes me feel? Amazing!

The only thing I can complain about is that ads cover the play, shuffle, and repeat buttons in landscape mode. If that could be fixed, even if lyrics were covered instead, it would be perfect! Go well

It's ok but right now I'm having a trouble with floating lyrics. Seriously it drives me nuts! Worth a go!

So many bugs . Phone is getting heated when music playing and automatically the songs are changing . Even while creating the lyrics cards not able to select the lyrics. Team make some changes quickly before these get worse . Surprisingly

It keeps tripping after the last update.... Its still ma fav though.... I can't delete it cuz I still love it wow lol

One more bug need to fix, while playing music continuously, the icon which is showing the track currently playing is shows wrong, we need to pause and play to identify the track. Pl fix it, Reg Perfect!

I need to ask you one thing after I save the lyrics in offline why I require the Internet connection Highly Recommend.

It always gives me different songs each time i try to find what song im listening to, other than that great app! Fabulous!

Too much ads..if you not get the ads you will no longer to get instant lyrics save for offline.. Awesome

oh my god this app is amazing,I love it,it gives you what you want,lyrics, thank you for your hard work ❤ Omg

Too many ads Can't refresh music library Can do with nicer skin, colours and themes. User friendly, Organized, synced lyrics. Was my favourite till now. When I find another music app with lyrics I'll switch. Muito bom!

Great app and I've been using it for years until now. the things that I don't like is their subscription's too expensive for older user like me, its cheap for first year user only. And their customer support is bad, never replying my email, but the features it keeps getting better and better through years that means they listened to their customers. one last feature that they forgot to add is there's no opt to report the submitted lyrics language were wrong in the first place, so we can correct the right language for the first one, not the translated instead. Great!

New updates are pretty crappy, im downgrading to 5.0 because its BUGGY AS HELL in my device, please before releasing make sure you try beta testers with many different devices, seriously, lately, some songs get skipped, some are unfinished even if the song is complete and stops playing completely until you press next, I can't see anything in my playlist but the last 3 and doesn't scroll up, COUNTLESS BUGS COME ON DEVS updates IMPROVE the app not make it worse... Fantastic

It's works wonderfully, has a huge lyrics database. I just wish there was a way to disable translation - usually I just want the original lyrics, and translations get in the way. Great job

Es bueno han cambiado mucho, el problena es que ahora no mr sale el globito de las letra :'v Go well

App is fantastic but it is slow when compared to other music apps... It takes time to open songs Well done!!

I can't login my musixmatch acc, there said erorr. I've paid for one years, please fix it Not bad

It has improved greatly with the recent updates. I highly recommend this music app for music lovers Cool

The best app to view lyrics, currently. The new UI change is welcome. Looking forward to addition of dark theme. The amount of ads have reduced but it still is annoying. Buying a pro version is costlier than buying popular music subscriptions! Flawless

The new UI is absolutely beautiful! Only problem with it is sometimes it's difficult to implement changes. Even for instances when the lyrics displayed is completely wrong. Overall though a very good app especially on premium. Highly Recommend.

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