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Must have for karaoke fans or road warriors. Subscription of $6/year is nice to remove ads from the experience. Only drawback is that it finds the song you're playing from the notification center and can (sometimes) mess up the lyric-song sync. Great!

I subscribe for a year but when i connect to spotify and play music, the floating lyrics didn't show up, i already open settings but the floating lyrics still not coming up, help please cause this app is good Works great

hhIt's great and all, but with alot of bugs like "Selected Playlist is not set" or something like that, and the delay of pausing and playing in the widget. And sometimes it skips songs. Please fix it and I will give you 5 stars Marvelous

It's definitely the best lyrics app you have around. Just one issue... When I play songs from my Jio music app, musicxmatch shows the lyrics of some songs but not all of 'em.. Please optimize this app for Jio music app.. Thank you 5 star

This app used to be great once. But now floating lyrics don't appear to work automatically, neither do it identifies the song itself anymore. Flawless

how to change the floating lyric from just a sentence to a full lyric? sometimes the lyric not match the song, too fast or too slow Must have

Floating lyrics work on YouTube but not on Spotify. The app doesn't appear anymore. Instead, the app takes me to another screen to view the lyrics. THEY DON'T WORK. Omg

Me gustaría que pusieran la burbuja de los lyrics con la portada del álbum o canción otra vez y que regrese la opción de cantar, era muy divertida, y antes al darle a compartir salían unas lyrics card predefinidas que me gustaban mucho, no estaría mal que hicieran con Google play music lo que actualmente hacen con Spotify Worth it!

Works as expected except it has annoying notifications sometimes when your not even using it. This is VERY distracting. Surprisingly

Works great! Though some songs need lyrics and some existing lyrics need editing to make sure there are no mistakes Great job

I love having the lyrics to whatever I'm listening to right there at the touch of a button. It's so convenient and such a luxury to always have it right there. Go musicmatch!! I've used this app for years and hope to use it for years to come on my tablet and my phones.. love it

Limited lyrics, e.g. no lyrics for k-pop or a few anime songs, but surprisingly has lyrics for RWBY and it does work well when it does, so I can't give it 2 stars but I won't give it 4 either Must have

Three stars because this update is crap, floating lyrics doesn't work, it won't come up with the lyrics of whatever sing I play. Please fix and I'll rate 5 star's! Recommend

Only problem I have is that when floating lyrics pop up I want the extended lyrics where I can see the whole script permanently. But it keeps reverting to big text Flawless

It's so good like if you just want to check the lyrics of a song quickly very accessible, only reason I'm not giving it a 5 is sometimes the lyrics open up covering my page with out me asking but otherwise I couldn't fault it! Pretty good

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It takes a lot of time to link my Spotify account. So it is very frustrating to wait for such a long time but it is alright regarding the lyrics. Awesome

Why is this app is worse on Android than on ios? It almost never change whenever i use the translation feature. And went out of sync whenever i close or minimize it. Always the same problem since i use it a year ago Good

Por 7€ que cuesta la versión premium tengo durante un año una app excelente y sin publicidad. Me parece un gran acierto que tenga traducción de las letras en múltiples idiomas. La usabilidad es muy buena y el pop up es muy cómodo e intuitivo. Funciona con Spotify, pero también con YouTube! Incluso cuando pongo música en Spotify con el ordenador, el móvil lo reconoce y el pop up se activa. Totalmente recomendable!! Brilliant

A lot of the time the lyrics are not in sync and there is no way of manually syncing them yourself for personal use. Also the advertisements have increased to a crazy level which constantly interfere with the functionality of the app. I get that the company needs to make money but there are better ways of handling this. I would buy the app but there is no way of buying it anymore, you have to pay monthly payments Amazing!

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