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I love this. This is very handy and helps me to sing along with my fave songs since I rely on lyrics visually. 5 star

I don't know why this has many negative reviews. So far, the only problem I see is the lack of songs with available lyrics. Worth a go!

The album cover is not matching up with the songs I'm playing. E.g. I was playing Justin Timberlake's Say Something but the album cover/wallpaper was of Zombie by The Cranberries (which was the next song [first song in a playlist and Say Something was the last] in the playlist) and vice versa for Zombie. The lysics part though had not problems it displayed the the lyrics of the song that was playing. Hopefully you can check that out and I'll update my ratings☺️ P.s. I'm a premium Musixmatch user. Thanks Perfect

1) song recognition in apps other than Spotify and musixmatch (both local and streaming songs) is really poor. I get lyrics to one song for every 5 I don't get. Of course this may be a problem of the original app since I face it there as well. 2) Notifications are not handled well but that can probably be improved. Point 1 is more grave as that's the primary reason for using musixmatch. The only edge it still has is that the floating widget is much better looking than competing services but lyrics recognition is a disaster. love it

How do i get rid of the ads? Would have given 5 stars if there was an option to get all the lyrics displayed instead of just one line. Also why is there no option to seek to a specific part of the song directly from the lock screen? Muito bom!

Love the app on my old phone but when will this app be available for Android oreo? Worth a go!

It's better than other lock screen, the style is wonderful but there are ads (But you can disable them from phone's settings) Omg

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