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It needs a minor fix. The "Loop song" option doesn't work. I want to listen to just one song, but it's always moving on to the next song. Please fix this? Or please explain how to make it work? Other than that, your app is doing wonderfully. Amazing!

Definitely download this one. It's the best among all the ones available & believe me I've tried most of them. (Even those with 10 Million downloads) You will find most of the music here Works perfectly

I liked it it was a good app but I never could figure out how to listen offline but other than that it was a great music app Fabulous!

Apo is not tye best Its not tge best but its a good app for starter nut there is an app calles my tiny little phone you can het music wallpapere pics and etcetera . Awesome

This is the best first class, sound effects I have ever heard. I am totally and completely satisfied from the greatest of this uncommon Authentic App of Excellence to reach your dreams..The best listening music ever. I love it to LIFE! wow lol

I love it my favorite part about the app is the you don't have to have your own music you can just download music Fantastic

This app is awsome!! And me being a vocaloid fan its really hard finding a app with mikus and the others songs on it, but this app has all my favorites!! Even my favorite english covers! 5 stars for this app Omg

I thought app was okay, but some other previous person said that there are persons that try to do a mix to such a good song by a band or artist. I honestly thought think that this completely idiotic. Sometimes it take forever as well just for the song to load up to play. Try to make a big adjustment to this app. Highly Recommend.

It's good for just making play lists and listening but sometimes you can't find the song you want as there's a LOT of covers and remixes too. Also I'd LOVE to be able to listen offline bc I'd definitely give it 5 stars then! Worth a go!

Freemusic,this app is like Pandora! Well not exactly...... Because you dont need to sign in or log in! You just get to the music app already! So,i love this music app!Hope you guys too love this Recommend

Love Go well

Easy and lite. Good apps to be use. I will give full star if u add browsing by artist as now only by genres. Keep improve. Amazing!


The ads are annoying but I can live with that, the only thing I HATE about this app is that you can't play music offline.... Sadly I have to uninstall Works perfectly

Pretty good for Free. It's powered by SoundCloud so most music are covers not original. If you can get over this there is good music to listen to. Perfect!

I love this thing it had the kinda music i want but the other music apps doesnt have it only dis one thx u Worth it!

Everything seemed to be going fine and know every time I try to search for an artist or a song it tells me there's no network, why is that Well done!!

It actually free...! And things say free... but... their always a but, then when you click or (tap) it will say you have to pay this much money. Pretty good

Good app cuz I got my own music and sound effects are good it's a great time killer Great job

It has great music and is hardly ever buffing.Get this app it has amazing free songs. Great!

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