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•it is free even without WiFi. • And it actually a good app it shows notifications. •And you can listen to it with your phone of or on a different website or something you should try it if you haven't Fantastic

It only took me 5 minutes to realize THIS IS IT! Search through songs, download and add to playlists and it even plays when your on another app!! WOOOO! Pretty good

Awesome I could find all of my favorite songs but one thing couldn't find any real Michael Jackson songs but any way it's awesome Highly Recommend.

I think you guys are doing amazing I hope you guys can add more songs because I think maybe there's some songs that are missing but keep on doing what you guys are doing but please add more songs every artist Enjoy it!

I like this mix i found" growl , snarl and dance". It touched my chi and firmed my resolve. Works great

I like it because my broyher has thia and always puts this and hear the musics and they sound so. Lit 5 star

Nice. If you add a built in visualizer that will make this AWESOME. You could also add an equalizer if you don't have one Marvelous

I love this app.Best app ever used now I could hear all of my music and it's free. Go well

One of the best app i downloaded dnt need to stop the music. While i text or do some activitys on my device . pretty kool love it

I really like this app and thats why I rate it five stars but can you please make it a offline app I've been having wifi problems and Id like it if it can be offline please. Other than that this app is really good and useful. love it

Great app. Would have rated 5 but the search bar keeps dissapearing like sometimes its there sometimes its not. Worth a go!

It's all right not the best but if you don't have anything else get this app. There's one thing and that is the music doesn't sound the way it should. Muito bom!

I like this because its in groups thats really neat its the number one music app 5 star

This is a very good music app. In some cases(like adds) it's better then Spotify and Deezer put together because it doesn't interfere with your music! Although not all the songs I want are on there. I was looking for hello by Alan Walker but it didn't come up:( This makes me very sad seeming I really love my music but altogether its an amazing app Great job

The famous 2 IHR and Pand are way too commercial laden and can't stop ther "instant starts". You win because you play what I want without pushing some type of propaganda! Thank you for making music easy to listen to, so tired of being frustrated! Thank you for FREE MUSIC! Surprisingly

Fabulous app just could you put something in so you can search through your playlists. Plus could you make it work offline because it just simply won't I have to have internet or WiFi on Worth a go!

I think it's ok but I think there's a bug. When ever I open the app I don't see the search feature so I can't search up music I want to hear. Can you please fix this? Works perfectly

Its a great app but you will need WiFi for it. i only listen to 6ix 9ine ayyyyyyy Awesome

I was trying for like 5 days to find a good app for music, than i fond this amazing app!! Perfect

This is a app where you cab listen to music for free the only thing you could add is more of the real version there is too much remixes but other than that it is a useful app where you don't need data. I suggest to download it yours sincerely Jackie_chan73 Great job

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