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I love the app in general but...I don't know about this new update but it keeps saying that "fideo has unfortunately stopped" on both of my device's when before it worked perfectly could you please fix it if you can I would really like to continue playing with fideo. :) Works perfectly

This is the best video editor app that I ever had to downloaded I can search for what ever music I want, And in the app store this was the best app that has it ,thanks for making this app. Works perfectly

Emm...well it's sorta like musically but you can add any filter instead of one, Pretty good

I have bin looking for and I said no and deleted them all but this app is funomanal and this is coming from a ten year old girl Perfect

It's a really good app and you can watch and message many famous people. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Jojo Siwa, Jacob Sartorious, Lucas and Marcus and much more that do musically. Amazing!

I think that is awesome because you can do a lot of stuff whith it. love it

I like this app because you get to edit your videos once you make them and you also get to choose songs that you really like and you can also dance to them so I recommend to you to download this app because once you make the video you can post it on YouTube but you always have to first edit it before you put it on YouTube Brilliant

I like video full to add music.... I hate 30s video add music apps... Thanks...i like 5 Recommend

i didnt liked it much after editing d video its all hazy and blur love it

I like it, it is simaler to musicly but maybe a little bit better than musicly I'm going to keep using it thanks whoever created this! Pretty good

Yay. So good but I can't search for a song so I have to use the songs that are only featured. It is a WiFi game but thank god that I have WiFi at my cousins place. Because it is hard to get WiFi at my place I would like it if there is an offline mode. Even if you charged a certain amount every month, it would be helpful to those who can't get WiFi. It is really interesting to watch other user's videos and it is a good alternate to and Funimate if you don't use those apps. I would like it if there were more Dubs or things similar to that, even though there are already dubs on the app. I like that the videos will also automatically save to your devices. I like the filters and effects too. IT IS A GOOD APP AND I REALLY ENJOY IT APART FROM THE PART WHERE YOU CANT SEARCH FOR THE DESIRED SONG AND THERE IS NO OFFLINE MODE. love it

This app is like musically and since I can't have me something this is my new musically I have musically but I can't have anymore cuz I got into a fight with this girl and that's why I can't have it but I like this app cuz it's exactly like musically and you can like user to edit videos for YouTube also instead of Eva video you can use this and I give this a five-star rating and I think you should too Enjoy it!

I think that it is is easy to set up .you don't need much to set up a account. And you can post stuff so easily. You can also edit very easily Marvelous

It is very cool and if your board now you jabe something to do.please love this app. Not bad

I think it is great because I can do things on here and download them onto Go well

I like the app but whenever I search for a song it doesn't search and can u make the video pause so we can make our own special affect Great job

Yay. So good but I can't search for a song so I have to use the songs that are only featured. It is a WiFi game but thankgod that I have WiFi at my cousins place Fantastic

This is so good you should get this I be on this everyday I get out of school that's how fun it is don't believe he people that says it's boring no it's not don't believe me then try it Recommend

I love this app is so fun so quickly to our music dance to it and do everything you love on this app I hope you enjoy it everywhere that's all Worth a go!

When I first saw it I download it and I thought it was like musically but I also thought I think it is even is so good I love doing music videos in it Superb!

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