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Music stops as if with "taskkill" when app is closed on active apps panel menu. Fix that so the music continues to play, every music app do that. Works great

Amazing app, incredible sound. My only is that the equalizer stops working at some point and you have to unlock the phone and open the eq for it to start working again. Other the sound is brilliant Marvelous

از لطف شماعزیزانم ممنونم از این همه محبت و یاری سپاس گذارم Just wow

من از قسمت ویبره برای تغییر آهنگ خوشم اومد Marvelous

Great sound, easy to use, nice, app arrangement for playing music , thumbs up on this music player Worth it!

Its pretty coo i got it cause other music apps wouldn't let me transfer my downloaded songs but this app did Fantastic

☺ Not bad

خیلی خیلی عالیه این برنامه توپه Well done!!

Wow!sounds good.i enjoy listening music now with my original earphone.thank you for this good and awesome player.the best of the best. Brilliant

This player immediately improved the quality of the sound in general. Also it has a built in equaliser ( good as some pro applications for money) and an nice friendly interface! Just wow

I love the lay out but the fact that the songs arent alphabetic really annoys me. Enjoy it!

یه مقدار فضای درونش رو زیبا تر کنید Pretty good

بهترین برنامه موزیک پلییر به خاطر آوردن فایل ها وفولدرها Good

It's simple to control your music with, to bad we can't organize our playlist like the mini playlist on the bottom right corner of the actual playlist. Other than that, it's cool and fancy. Works great

من عاشق چیزای عجق وجق هستم خوشمان میاید Great job

از بس تبلیغ داره دارم خسته میشم ولی کلا عالیه Works perfectly

اره عالیه دمتون گرم ولی هی تبلیغ میاد Works great

یه پخش کننده متفاوت با هر چی که تا الان دانلود کرده بودم،و تم جالب و کاربر پسند لایک داره Flawless

It's a really useful app and I would recommend it. All I want I want to do is to play music that I downloaded and that's what it does and it's equilizer is really good 5 stars for sure Works great

خیلی خیلی خوب است اما از این بهتر باید باشد Flawless

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