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My sound system is pieced together from spare speakers and solder. It's pretty functional but I have to frequently tweak it to accommodate certain music. This app makes it so much easier. It fills in all the gaps. Very nice. And ads. Wow. Highly Recommend.

Really good equalizer and effects if you know what your doing. Only one thing that I don't like is no landscape mode. I'm keeping this one regardless, good music player Recommend

App is overall good but eco or 3d surround is not this much perfect.. some work is still required.. Superb!

awesome player! beats 3D hands down. sharp crisp bass and treble. features and enhancements enormous! good job developers! thank you so much! Omg

Haven't been using this app for long, but so far I'm impressed. Very good sound quality. The. 3d effects are quite good as well. Surprisingly

Love the app has a few things to work on(missing) compared to my usual but, to make up it has its own features that the other didn't but that app lacks compared to this sooo no complaints everything can't be perfect. This app is definitely for music lovers might I add Works great

its still early to tell just less than 24hrs install tis apps but for now wat i can tell is the sound absolutely gd compare to one of the music apps in here... great i said its still early to give the final review ..2nd reviwe... it kepyt on crushing after i bought it... Just wow

Hidden little gem! I am a music lover and like to try new music player apps on the Play Store whenever I can. I am currently running the version V.1.0 and I have to say it's a great beginning to a great journey. My first impression of this app was just 'meh'. But as i explored further I found that this was a great player in the guise of a fun player. The UI is fresh, and the SQ is just pretty average. But that's a populist default configuration which can be easily tweaked to get great results. Turn the EQ off, turn the bass boost off, turn the effects​ off and the SQ becomes so much better. On the CONS side: it's pretty buggy. But that's a given for a V.1.0 app. It's a WIP. I usually don't update my apps after installing, but I'm gonna try newer versions of it as they come. Bugs warrant a 4-star, but this is completely adfree, thus a 5-star rating. Go well

Best music app player I've downloaded and unlocked. Huge fan of loud music and extra bass. The equalizer is PERDECT !!! Superb!

very nice app. worth down loading. this single app can solve music related problems. Works perfectly

Not bad, but why can't you add multiple songs or a folder to a playlist? Even the shittiest other options on here can do that. Muito bom!

Good app. But please do sonnet about the earphone control. It is not working. One cannot use the ear piece to on, off, select next track etc via the earpiece. Perfect!

Hi. First for the pros, I love this player and sounds are really great. And I like the simple UI. But there is a small hiccup. The player sometimes doesn't save settings that I previously adjusted it to. And when some of the buttons don't work, eg: theme button. Aso the players shuffle function properly coz some times the same song plays over and over again. But all in all I love the player and I would be really grateful if u can fix these bugs. Superb!

Very good music player with pretty graphics but after installing this app system sound become very low in this player. Please do something for this type of problem. Perfect

Sounds great but.... It crashed a few minutes after I first started using it. I hope it's not going to keep doing that. Omg

It works perfectly on my LGK20+ I like that i play my own music, not having genras and play lists i didn't ask for forced on me. I like all kinds of music but the record must touch me. YOU NEED A CLEAR EXIT OR QUIT BUTTON. And we're good. Worth a go!

Best music player in terms of sound quality. Has the necessary Loudness Enhancer not present in most players. But too many bugs. Since past few days app doesn't launch on clicking the first time but only the second time. This is happening every time now. Apart from this today when I launched the app found that it was blank. No songs, playlists ... just empty. Closed and reopened a few times but no change. Then had to unistall and then reinstall the app. Lost all playlists in the process ☹️. Good

I get the super loud hissing sounds everytime I activate reverb. The hissing would not disappear until I restart the app. But the flat eq without any boost seems so flat to me. However, it's more fun listening flat on this app than other popular apps. Works great

Great app just the skip button on lock screen and notification bar are tiny. Has everything I could want in a music player no adds ,easy make play list, lock screen controller and great lay out good color easy to read! Just need bigger buttons!!!! Go well

Good but not lock karne ke Baad 2 sec.pouch and play hota hai. Aur ye yaisa hi reapeat hota Raha hai. Awesome

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