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This is the best player ever you can slide the app off the menu and the player will still be at the top on your phone Marvelous

Its good though they should try inckuding a customised theme or background were i can put my picture as the background Pretty good

Music Player 1.2.8 is basic replacement However, why would any developer/designer use Ads in a media player(??) which affends/insults user base. At least offer &.99 pro version upgrade. Your play store ad indicates "in-app purchase"(??) Where's the in-app purchase in settings for users to purchase?? And lastly, offer users the use of their own personal backgrounds options for customization. Thank you!! LG V20 - Android 7.0. Great!

The only app that didn't drive me crazy... thank you guys for the hard work. It's so simple and really easy to use. Keep it up ^_^ Recommend

El mejor music player que he tenido Awesome

I love everything but i wish we can have lyrics shown and the artist image shown as well Fabulous!

I love this app, specially the themes but it doesnt alloww me to delete songs I dont want. Cool

This is one of the most amazing player with choisable theme Must Download It's Deserve 10 out of 10. Must have

At first the player I was using was good for me but this one is the best. Good themes, good equalizer, overall best features. Awesome

با سلام برنامه خوبیه فایل ها رو بکلی loadمیکنه و مشکل بقیه رو نداره Brilliant

It is a very nice music app!! It will be more good app if the we change the song by touch the display Works great

Hello, your app is almost perfect, though I found a bug you should consider fixing for the next update. Shuffle mode is always on even when it is off. It may say "Shuffle Off" but the songs still don't play in the order they are within a list. This is not what I was expecting and I'm sure others would agree, because sometimes the same song repeats itself before the list does. I don't think this was intended, so perhaps you can fix this for the next update. It would be much appreciated. Thank you Tyler Omg

I love it but i thoght u could download music on it they should update itbso ot could Perfect

Before i say this one as good but now i have a problem i cant hear my music becouse the app change the song all the time before of this one done .... so maybe i take this three stars... Flawless

Beautiful music player with lots of color options. Top features. My favourite theme is Spotify green in it. Thanks developer Fantastic

برنامه خوبیه ارزش دانلود روداره Brilliant

When you edit the song details and you press save it but it doesn't and I don't know the exact name of my song so this is a bummer Muito bom!

Apart from the very long gap of silence sometimes between tracks (have to press the screen button to end it) it's a solid apl Well done!!

I think it's great! I can listen to my music with or without wifi! And guess what! It's free! Good

So far I like it a lot better than the app I was using before. It allows me to edit song titles, artist, and albums without going to my files app and I like how I get to delete a saved playlist if I don't want it anymore. Good app for me, just try it for 5 minutes. Marvelous

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