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Music Player It allows me to play songs ripped from my CDs, which is difficult at best to do with other apps. I only wish it had a mix feature. love it

Music player उपयोगी तथा उपयुक्त है।ऐसा ही मैं खोज रहा था।धन्यवाद। Muito bom!

It plays .ogg! The interface is comfortable and it plays .ogg which is a much smaller format than .mp3 saving me a lot of space. Must have

Still having album cover issues I'm still having issues with some album covers, they show up blank even though they show up on album cover finder. Pretty good

Good app but i have some questions It's a very good app but how do I edit the song name, cover art etc? It says I can in the app description but I can't figure out how to do it. Just wow

I like it, But sometimes when I'm changing over to a new song, the album cover stays the same. Even though it has a completely different album cover. Go well

media player is really the great app i like it so much, only this media player is excellent to use, easy to use,friendly user,and also a good sound which make you happy. once you use this then you will enjoy it and will always be use this media player,very thankful from the developer. Works perfectly

Great and no spying Great player with out asking for my first born to use. Like the rest of the market apps Surprisingly

Excellent, Simply superb Audio Player. Was searching for some good Audio player. Installed many didn't like any. Even default Google music player crap. This Audio player is really cool. Great job

It's very good Music Player app. I was never listened music bass in other players like this Music Player. Brilliant

Saved me My phone didn't come pre installed with a MP3 player, this app takes care of that and I can customize it. Works great

Very good Music Player app. I really enjoyed this App. It is so easy and comfortable Music Player. love it

I like the new look, but! I like the new look for this app, however there's an issue with my album covers i have. It's not showing most of them and I try to change it but it won't show. Could be a bug with the update. If this can be fixed then I'll give 5 stars Superb!

Excellent application of Music Player with Music Equalizer. It has great features and setting option. Must try. Amazing!

Best MP3 Player features, simple to use and music equalizer option is great. Highly Recommend.

Lock screen I like this app among the other music player I've downloaded. Almost 6 already but finally I found this. However, I want to see the artist of a certain song I'm playing in my lock screen. I couldn't see the artist, only the title. In my default Music app, it both appears (artist and title) in my lock screen. Please notice my feedback and do what I want. Thanks. Not bad

Great app...until update I found this app to be a very useful music app, as my fake phone didn't come with a default music player, was very good and had widgets and notification things to help use of it. It had a little ad on the lower portion of the screen, where it was out of the way, and not annoying, but now. I updated it, and now there are big full screen popup ads that you have to wait to close. I find this very annoying, and would prefer the older version of the app. If I could be sent a 1.0 apk that would be great. Muito bom!

Omg this is the best player out there. I've been searching for a player like this ever since I got a smart phone. wow lol

Since downloading this app, I've already ran my battery dead twice jst listening to music! Awesome app! Worth a go!

Truly azaming app, Can't believe how an app can be so much fun. All music fun at one place. Heads on. Recommend

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