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Love it! except every time I make a playlist it is gone in. Few days or after updating. Works perfectly

Simple and easy to use!..and jas more songs and up to date ones than any other app ive tried!..ive stuck to this one sonce the beginnong cuz most others dodnt compare!..i would definitely recommend! Must have

While playing music (downloaded) from a playlist this app continually stops and starts playing music....It gets worse as the day goes on. I would like to see more options under settings Worth a go!

i have used this media player since a couple years or some time can not remember but I LOVE IT and have it in all my devices cause it is the only player that plays all my songs and never meses up my day i love it thank you creator awesome job 5 star

Love it!!! So easy to use and sound quality is awesome. Would like to download music but it's so new to me I haven't figured it out yet. Dummy talking. Keep up the great work!!! Works great

So far so good. Shuffle seems to repeat songs so far. Just got this but best thing so far is sound quality Surprisingly

Picks up all the music on the device, along with playlists, let's you modify them and create new ones. Very easy to use. Worth a go!

So excited to find a media player that was simple to use after so much stress! Thank you! thank you! thank you! I absolutely love it! Good

This app is good. There is no problem so far just like mine before. For this programmers, l wish you make 'stop' panel and 'search' for finding the music titles or artists. Thank you P.s: Now l have problem...the song is starting stopped by itself, dunno why but it happen again and again. The playlist songs also empty by itself and l must recollecting the songs into folder album again. Fabulous!

reasonably well rounded player. Not many features but it implements those features very well. What it does, it does correctly and competently. Lowered my from 4 to 3 as it won't stop asking me to give it 5 stars Works great

Just opening up to get a look and feel for it so not sure what all it has quite yet but so far easy enough to get around on. Worth a go!

Love being able to listen to my music and have a great equalizer to adjust the sound the way I like it Go well

I got to give it to this developer. I think he was very honest about me giving him a good reviewwhen he said... "A review is worth more than money". So with that said, The truth is... This app is just as good as any of the best apps out there that you can download for free. It even will accept your mp3 album cover, if some of you are interested in that. This app gets five❇❇❇❇❇'s from me because it deserves it Worth it!

I would've given this app a 5 but I hate! hate! hate! that I lose my created playlists EVERY time there is an update which seems to be almost every week or so. Don't know if there is a fix for this but you shouldn't offer the option if you can't fix it. Omg

3 problems, it would be nice to get rid of the ads and if I take out my sd card it does not always find my music when I reinsert it and I have to reinstall, and finally it is annoying not being able to delete tracks directly from the app, they do not get deleted, apart from that it is an excellent and reliable app. Fix those probs and it would be 5 stars. Great!

Very easy to use, excellent sound quality, not like some I've used! Highly recommended! love it

I have had this app for a few years and it is great. No adds lets me create my own playlist manually and also sorts by album and artist. Well worth it. Great free app. wow lol

When Finally I Found this App I Thought it Won't be That Good But When I Went on it It Saved all My Songs I Was Really Really Surprised I Thought that It Won't Be Like any other App I'm So Happy and Empressed With this Amazing and Wicked Music Player I Love it So Much That's Before Going on this App I Thought I Give it 5 Stars ; ) LOL Flawless

Nothing on the screen when phone is locked, but otherwise a great app. Search would be useful too. Works great

Great and easy app for playing songs not bogged down with extras that confuse. Deleting a song file is only temporarily gone. Once I restart this app it is back in the list. Make it permanent and it will be great for me. Usually when I add files to my library I just drag and drop multiple files. As I find songs I don't like I prefer to weed through them and delete the ones I don't like! Perfect

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