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Creator responds back quickly when there is a problem. App is amazing works welll Good

I like it but they have some ads but it ok if we have ads. I do not now y a lot of people are complaining about ads but sometimes we need them so we no what's going on in the world and that is ok for everyone and if we didn't have ads what would we have in the world we wouldn't know about anything in the world so it's literally okay. 5 star

Have been using it for years and loved it. Unfortunately since the last update when I listen to something and stop it, half the time it will start from the beginning of the track when I restart. Since I typically listen to tracks which are longer than 1 hour long (audiobook) this is very annoying. Please fix. Thx Pretty good

After installing iSyncr for my iTunes library, it told me to install this player when I tried to play a song. After installing this player as it directed me to, when I try to play a song it says the file type is not supported. Can't even use it. Although I couldn't use it, am giving this app 3 stars for the quick response from the developer, you don't see that very often anymore. Thank you. Enjoy it!

This has been my go to app to play music with, until yesterday when all of my playlists disappeared except for one - and that one was empty. The music still plays fine, but it takes time to set up playlists initially so now I might be searching for a new app to do the job. love it

Previous versions were 5 stars. The only two changes I noticed in the latest update are negative though. The Major Problem: the player no longer consistently resumes playing at the point in the song that I left off at. Half the time it will start where I last paused it, but the rest of the time it just starts at the beginning. One time it even started two songs earlier in the album than where I left off. This is very problematic, especially with longer songs. Nobody wants to have to remember to take note of their timestamp when they pause play. The Minor Problem: the song title in the "now playing" bar on the phone's lock screen is even more truncated than before and only shows the first 4 or 5 characters of the title. This is the first review I've bothered to leave for any app. The reason is that this app IS one of the best in most regards and in previous releases. I'm sure these are not intentional changes, and maybe it only effects my phone (Note 4). Hopefully at least the major problem I described above will be addressed soon, otherwise I will reluctantly have to look for a different music player out of necessity. Perfect!

Worked great on my Droid turbo 2. Got the new Pixel 2 XL and made my playlists. Went to play one and all playlists gone. Redid it which is a pain, I have a lot of music on here, so I remade my playlists again. Next time playlists gone. Very frustrated. Superb!

My all time favourite music player. It will be perfect if we can save our playlist so it will be easier when we change device. Good

Since the last updates, it stops playing when closed. I also don't appreciate the lock screen appearance, how big it is on the notification list... Might need to downgrade Marvelous

Love it, simple and does what it should but often have trouble with selecting songs as it randomly thinks I'm scrolling. Scrolling wheel disappears under the screen after the first 100 or so songs. And sometimes it immiediately opens the music list when click on the back button. I have had this for a few years and it is still my favorite, good work JRT Studio. Perfect

It's a nice app dear. Why people give negative comments. If a person strive hard to give its optimum he has to face such comments. Do not worry hard work will never futile if the intension is good. Worth a go!

It is an amazing app! Its so goof, that after having it for a few months, I thought that it came with the phone and forgot that I downloaded this, no joke! It's worth your space on your phone! Well done!!

I love this app! Only uninstalling to download more advanced version from same designer Cool

Good. Only issue is that the widget for the home screen has gone. A bit annoying going into the app again and again to change song Perfect

Sometimes wonky with organizing playlists and sometimes skips songs when using the skip song botton Cool

Have been using app for years and I love it but now that I have a Note 8 the app doesn't work for me. It's not able to perform any actions, no music will go to it and I am now disappointed that I cannot sync this app to Dropbox or Samsung cloud or anything else either. Can you help? Fabulous!

Easy to use. Doesn't shut off when a phone call or text comes in. Doesn't do anything quirky or weird. I do wish the screen looked better. A very good MP3 player. Omg

This is nice. Music player in comparison to others because it take minimum battery and give many features Flawless

Very good app. . Only one problem that in headfone dabble click to don't change the song .. So please when the app will be ubdate add the function please. . Brilliant

From the balley of my favorite part of the most important thing is that the only way to the new one Perfect!

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